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Dear Dear BritCham Supporter,
On March 2, 3, 24 & 25, BritCham Cambodia has delightfully participated in the 4-days virtual global trade event called “Going Global” organised by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade.

Going Global event is a virtual event for London and South East of England businesses seeking to explore new export markets and achieve international expansion. British companies participated in this event were given an opportunity to meet and discover the markets in more than 30 countries across the globe.
During this event, BritCham Cambodia has provided business advice and market information to 25 innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). These companies have shared a significant interest in expanding their products and services to the Cambodian market.
BritCham Cambodia's Business Services Team provides a complimentary practical advise and assistance to Cambodian investors and companies that may have a keen interest to connect with these companies.

Discover the exciting UK products and services below:
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Architecture and Design
Transit Studio
Architecture & Interior Design

Transit Studio is a multi-disciplinary architecturally focused design studio inspired by transit and transition between places, cultures and people. The studio specialises in Architecture and Interior Design, bringing new life to existing buildings, as well as creating sensitive new build architecture.
Simone de Gale Architects
Architecture & Design

Simone de Gale is based in exclusive Belgravia, London, UK, whose style is grounded in mathematical principles; each project creates an exploration of Rhythm, Pattern and Repetition through tectonic. Winner ‘Architect of Year’ Women in Construction, Simone de Gale is developing its international portfolio, the first project, a £200m masterplan in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Construction and Engineering
Hydrosphere Innovations Ltd
Water treatment system

Watertreatment technology for the cleaning of pipework in HVAC systems.

Applicable for development & construction companies, mechanical & engineering companies, water treatment specialists.

Coopers Fire
Fire and Smoke Curtains

Leading manufacturer and installer of automatic fire curtains, fire barriers, smoke curtains and smoke ventilation systems for over 30 years.

At Coopers Fire, we’ve developed a wide range of fire curtains and smoke curtains to protect every type of building.

Applicable for every type of building

Strikitsa Consulting Ltd

Offers executive search and board solution services to businesses investing in aviation, energy, mining, infrastructure, education and other industrial and hi-tech projects in Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and China.


Offers English language courses for adults, young learners and professionals. LanguageUK also has a TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) test centre for legal professionals and an OET (Occupational English Test) preliminary preparation provider for OET English language tests for medical professionals.

Concorde (International) Summer Schools Limited

Provides English language and training to the public and private sectors around the world. The company has almost 50 years experience delivering quality English language courses, vocational training, and preparation for Higher Education or apprenticeships.

EYC Global
Training/Skills Development

Working closely with the rail and digital sectors, we create the services and programmes needed to close the skills gaps, build diverse talent pipelines and provide exciting opportunities. Our programmes are open to everyone, but we work hard to attract young and under-represented groups of people to improve diversity.

British International Education Association

A non-profit educational organisation headquartered in London. BIEA's mission is to support educators and institutions from all over the world to provide the best education for the next generation. BIEA focuses on K12 sector and its business platform mainly focuses on early year education (EYFS) and STEM education. BIEA has an accreditation quality assurance scheme for international nurseries delivering EYFS. BIEA hosts the BIEA STEM conference and the BIEA International STEM Innovation Competition every year.

Union Education Group

A UK-based holistic education services platform providing 1-1 lessons and courses to national and international students. They partner with organisations directly, enabling their students to have access to first-rate education and learning materials. In addition, they offer extremely efficient technological solutions for delivering the lessons, as well as rebranding the material to fit with the partner’s requirements.

Homestay based in London
Host Family Stay
 Accommodation services for students in the UK

A provider of homestay accommodation for students and interns from around the world. By working with language schools, universities and agencies
they enable cultural exchanges and life-changing experiences for both guests and hosts. ​ 

Applicable for students who are looking for homestay accommodation in London 

Laboratory Instrument / Research Tool
Em Microscope (Archimedes Research Limited)
Laboratory/Field Instrument

Em1, a revolutionary powerful, lightweight portable microscope designed and developed by Archimedes Research Limited.

Applicable for Research and Development (R&D) 

Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd
Scientific Instruments

Scientific instruments that help characterise materials from polymers to biological tissue and metals to composites. The instruments are used for research by the world's most advanced scientific organisations and companies. Each of the instruments are designed and manufactured in-house by a team of highly experienced electronics, software and mechanical design engineers.

Applicable for Industrial Research and Development (R&D) and Academes

Retail / Consumer Products
Nkd Life
Water filter bottle

A distribute water filtration devices using state of the art materials and technology. The products represent the vision of providing clean, safe drinking water. Their goal is to develop products that restore water by removing harmful contaminants (bacteria, viruses, parasites etc..) while ionising, alkalising and increasing antioxidants, enabling the water to return to a more natural form, “naked as nature intended”.

Applicable for  distributors of consumer products

Nicholas Winton Ltd
Bespoke silver and gold Commissions Specialising in replication.

Since 1999 Nicholas Winton has provided a bespoke service to companies, organisations, sponsors and governing bodies for their silver and trophy requirements as well as private clients for their jewelry and gift needs.

Security Equipment
Security scanning system

Manufactures portable x-ray and mail screening systems for defense and security applications. The products are widely used in a range of applications extending from bomb disposal, event security, VVIP protection and specialist search tasks. High definition x- ray images generated in seconds. This allows operators to make informed decisions about the contents of suspicious bags, vehicles, unattended luggage etc

Applicable for airport security clearance, border checkpoints, and protected locations

Software Solution
Safe Citizens
Information & Communication Technology

A platform specifically designed with public safety in mind- utilising the best technology has to offer combined with very clever proprietary technology.

Keeps you safe in the event of an incident.

Applicable for local ministry or organisation focusing on public safety

Group-Muv! Limited
Information & Communication Technology

A task management tool, tailor-made integrated solutions (hardware/software/maintenance)for multiple/medium/arge construction sites

Applicable for Project Management, Architecture, Design, Construction and Engineering Companies

Information & Communication Technology

Piota builds high-quality school apps for Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and beyond

Applicable for schools that are looking for customisable apps to help school communication with parents

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