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Upcoming WiFA Events
Networking Committee: Developing an Authentic Personal Brand for Professional Success
22 October

Whether you're actively seeking new opportunities, expanding your network or starting your own business, having a strong and unique brand is crucial to your success as it reveals your goals, values and strengths.

An effective personal brand is about self-awareness, thought leadership and it is a constantly evolving tool that should be re-evaluated throughout our career to ensure that we are still delivering the right message.

The WiFA Networking Committee is proud to host a dynamic panel in which industry leaders will discuss the importance of purposeful and authentic branding, executive summary development, avenues for promoting your personal brand and how to convert your brand to opportunities.
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Fashion & Finance: A Deep Dialogue on Sustainable Fashion
28 November

Ever wondered what will be the spark when designers and bankers get together? Fashion and design bring self awareness, innovation, and strength. Join us to hear true pioneers of the garment and financial industries discuss how sustainability enhances financial valuation and humanity values, and what are the real challenges.
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WiFA Reports
The Art of Persuasion
10 September

Salary negotiations can be intimidating at any stage of a career; and it can be especially tricky to negotiate an equity or partnership share. While asking for a raise or a bonus can be a daunting task for anyone, women tend to have more trouble seeking what they're worth than their male counterparts. Such reluctance to negotiate is widely considered to contribute to the gender pay gap, which remains wide in many industries.

Yet with the right tools, mindset and research, the chances for successful salary negotiations can be significantly improved.

The WiFA Networking Committee hosted this dynamic panel in which Larissa Dudley (Goldman Sachs), Justin McLennan (Tardis Financial Group), Lin Shi (HKEX), Mini VanDepol (Baker McKenzie), and Candice Yip (Point72) shared their experiences and advice on how to get the most out of these pivotal discussions. Thank you to them, and our hosts, HKEX.

This event was oversubscribed and we could have hosted twice as many as our full house of guests on the night - apologies to those who couldn't get a ticket.
WiFA Emerging Talent Strategic Skills Series - Part 2: Maximising Productivity
September 24

Part 2 of the WiFA Emerging Talent Strategic Skills Series provided attendees with the practical toolkits to boost productivity, such as adopting healthy habits, engaging effectively with stakeholders, and pursuing flexible working options. Our panel - Varritha Prichapanich (Citibank); Krystle Edwards (Proco Global Group); Tommy Fung (Bank of America); Sanel Tomlinson (KPMG); and Sherihan Abd El Rahman (Goldman Sachs) - offered insights and experiences on their journey in maximising productivity.Thank you to them, and our hosts, Citi.
WiFA MMP Networking

On the 25th of September, our mentors and mentees got together at The Code in Central for a networking evening. Over a few drinks and a bite to eat, everyone had a chance to exchange views and get to know one another better in an informal atmosphere. It was a great evening for our mentors and mentees as they all look forward to the next MMP event.   
WiFA Supports
EmpowerU Workshops - Volunteers Needed
5 & 6 October

Want to help some wonderful women gain skills that will empower them and their families? We're looking for volunteers to help for 3 hours at EmpowerU's workshops for domestic workers. The topic is Saving for the Future and Insurance, but you don't need to have any specific knowledge or qualifications in these areas; volunteers will help with break-out sessions during the workshops (the formal content will be delivered by volunteer lecturers). A short briefing call for volunteers will be scheduled beforehand.

The Workshops are held at HKU's main campus on Pokfulam Road from 8.30-11.30am on both days.

Please register for one or both of the sessions using the links below.
Resolve is turning 2 years old!

October 17

One of WiFA's 2019 supported charities is holding their first Fundraising Birthday Party to celebrate the work of their fellows and come together to increase Resolve’s impact for a more inclusive society.

Being held at Solas on Wyndham Street, your $500 ticket includes free flow drinks and canapés. 

If you are not able to go, but would still like to contribute to their work, please click on the Giving link below.
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Giving To Resolve

Photo4good is an inter-school network of student photographers providing photography services for charities and non-profit organizations. They aim to engage young people to alleviate social issues, by channeling their skills to provide local charities with free, quality photography and promotional services. By doing this, they hope to lessen the expense that non-profits spend on advertising as well as provide a platform for budding photographers to contribute their skills. Since their launch, they have connected with students across 13 schools and served over 20 charities. They have shot events for non-profits such as ResolveHK, Support! International Foundation, Kids4Kids and KELY Support Group just to name a few. 
They are planning a photography workshop for their student volunteers to further ensure they are able to use their skills confidently. They are in need of venue sponsorship. They would like to hold their workshop on a weeknight, preferably a Friday, in late October or early November.
If you have a space you can make available to support this cause, please contact jallum@wifasia.org

 You can find out more about the organization by clicking on the link below.
WiFA Likes
Goldman Sachs Career Pivot Series
Application Deadline October 6

This new initiative is a virtual preparatory program for experienced professionals focused on making a transition in their career. Participants will engage with recruiters through virtual meetings and videos covering a range of topics, from finding their ideal role to tips on acing an interview. The registration deadline of the first cohort is Sunday, October 6.

For more information, or to apply, please click on the link below.
GS Career Pivot
ASIFMA Annual Conference 2019

October 10 & 11

The ASIFMA Annual Conference 2019 is the flagship annual event of ASIFMA, which this year is being held in cooperation with the EU-Asia Financial Services Forum. The event brings together global and regional policy makers, high-level regulators and key industry practitioners from both sell-side and buy-side to discuss important topics impacting Asian's capital markets. Seats are limited, so please register at the link below. For more information, please click here.
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Women of Wine Festival

October 11

The Women of Wine Festival is back! With a bigger venue, livelier programme and diverse lifestyle activities, have fun celebrating women making movement.

Founded by Master of Wine Debra Meiburg, the Women of Wine Festival is the ultimate pairing of global wines made by women with Hong Kong’s top businesswomen and inspirational female leaders. The Festival is a fantastic blend of entertainment, education, inspiration and networking with Hong Kong’s trendsetters, business leaders and cultural trailblazers.
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Gender Equity Conference

October 24

Company culture affects nearly every aspect of a firm. From recruiting top talent to improving employee satisfaction, it’s the backbone of a happy workforce. Without a positive corporate culture, many employees struggle to find the real value in their work, and this leads to a variety of negative consequences for your bottom line – it is therefore in everyone’s best interests to make HR and D&I initiatives count. 

This year’s conference brings together industry experts and professionals to share, learn and collaborate on topics covering Inclusive Culture, Policy & Values, Measurement of HR & D&I Initiatives, Metrics & Psychological Assessments and Employee Engagement

Use your WiFA code for a 20% discount: GEC2019
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Run for RUN
November 9

RUN was one of WiFA's 2018-supported charities.

At RUN, they have a special focus on women. That's because women are often most vulnerable during times of conflict, and women face the most barriers to access sport and education activities. 

In the lead up to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in November, you can take a stand against violence against women by joining the RUN Charity Race. Your support means they can continue their work of empowering female refugees on their healing journey and to build a better future for themselves and their families.
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Allvoicetalent Launches Three-Part Group Training

Whether it’s a meeting, a pitch or a high-stakes presentation, the energy you bring to the room impacts on how you are seen. Everyone makes judgments, often subconsciously. Your voice, face, posture, gestures – even your handshake – can reveal whether you’re really present, or just going through the motions.

Your Best Self – Maximizing Impact, is a new, three-part voice and presence group-training program, based on experiential, research-led methodology. It’s packed with practical techniques and strategies that can be implemented immediately and, through guided independent practice, will evolve over time. You will learn to: Use the right voice for every situation; Reinforce your message with appropriate physical presence; and Engage with others dynamically, whether speaking or listening.

 For more information, please click on the link below.
Find Your Voice
Join the WiFA Café, Powered by Ten Thousand Coffees

Empowering and supporting men and women in the finance industry is the cornerstone of WiFA, and we believe in the power of connecting our people across the association. This ultimately supports every member’s development and advancement both personally and professionally, and we hope to create a community that empowers such development to occur.
We are excited to launch the WiFA Café, powered by software from Ten Thousand Coffees.
What is the WiFA Cafe?
The WiFA Cafe will create opportunities for WiFA members to connect and collaborate on an ongoing basis in two ways. First, every member will receive a monthly email-introduction to a fellow member, based on your uniquely selected interests and goals. After receiving your introduction, it’s up to you to find a time for a 60-minute coffee chat either in person, or over the phone! Additionally, senior leaders and executives within the WiFA community will be hosting Office Hours, which are casual group conversations.

If you are interested in this concept for your company, please contact jallum@wifasia.org for an introduction.
Join the WiFA Cafe
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