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Serbian premium exporters catalogue
Serbia expands its presence on the UK market at the annual IFE Trade Show in London, this time bringing 20 exhibitors with premium quality and healthy products!

Come visit our stand number 4969 & 5070 at ExCel from 20 – 22 March!

Located in Southeastern and Central Europe, at the crossroads of the Pannonian Basin and the Balkans, Serbia is a food loving nation. What diversifies Serbian food is the country’s unpolluted soil, long period of harvest, quality ingredients as well as the culinary influences of the Mediterranean, continental European and Middle Eastern cuisines, blended with a modern and cosmopolitan twist.

From the world-famous Serbian fresh berries, apples and pears; organic jams and spreads bursting with unspoiled flavors of the highest quality fruits and vegetables; honey combined with hazelnuts; chocolate, olive oil and pesto sauce with world-known Serbian grown truffles; 100% fruit flours, gluten- free biscuits and crackers; to multiple award-winning wines, Serbian food will take you on a culinary journey where childhood memories of grandmother’s kitchen meet the bustling urban streets.

If you wish to schedule a meeting during IFE, contact us directly at:

Agro Bel System
Agro Bel System
Did you know that Serbia is among top producers of fresh berries in the World?

Founded in 2016. Agro Bel System engages in the production of high-quality berries such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants, and strawberries. Their orchards were raised to accomplish the companys’ main vision of producing premium-quality fresh fruit and their up-to-date technology of growing and maintaining the plantations enables them to maintain the highest-quality of healthy fruit.

The current-standing leaders in supplying the local market of berries, AgroBel System also grow vegetables such as tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, and lettuce in a sheltered area with a crop rotation set in place. Their main vision when starting the business of vegetable production, was to grow specific exclusive hybrids where they would emphasise the taste and healthiness of the products.

After succesfully expanding to many EU markets, they are very interested in tapping into the UK market, as there is a great potential and space to sell their high-quality and healthy products to ultimately reach UK consumers.

Visit their website: https://agrobel.rs/
Agrounija, as part of MK Group, is one of the leading apple producers, traders and exporters in Serbia. They own a modern apple planting and state of the art production unit in Krcedin village in Vojvodina region. They are export-oriented company reaching 35 markets in Europe and Asia, where they are major apple exporter from Serbia. The company's annual turnover in quantity is 15,000 tons of apples, with a steady growth each year.
Their storage capacity is 7,000 tons of apples under ULO/DCA technology, with high-tech processing unit and 2 packing lines. They are fully standardised in line with Global Gap, GRASP, IFS, BRC standards and HACCP food safety system and ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2018.
"United Kingdom is definitely market that they look forward to entering and they hope to find place in hearts of Brits for reds, greens and yellows." - Aleksandar Cizmic, Sales Manager
Visit their website: https://www.mkgroup.rs/?lang=en
Basket Zdravija Hrana Made by Hand
Basket Zdravija Hrana Made by Hand
If you enjoy healthy baked goods such as biscuits, crackers, thins and 100% fruit flours without additional fats or calories, join us at IFE and meet our member Basket Zdravija hrana Made by Hand!

Basket is a family run company, based in Golubinci, in the heart of the fertile Srem plain. Basket products are made with various types of whole grain flour: wheat, buckwheat, oats, barley, rye and spelt, which in the final product manage to keep their fibers, minerals, B-group vitamins, fats, amino acids and sprout proteins. Combined with seeds (sesame, flex, pumpkin, sunflower, caraway, poppy, peanut and hazelnut) they provide enough energy to help maintain the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and micronutrients, contain no additives, preservatives and emulsifiers, and fall into the category of yeast free products.

Basket uses the way of thermal food processing, with lower temperatures over longer baking time, which enables them to preserve the nutritional composition of their products.

Their products include: Crunchy oat thins, Spelta sticks, Crunchy buckwheat thins, Crunchy nettle thins, Crunchy flax seed thins, Basket 5 cracker, Whole wheat sticks with sesame seeds, Whole wheat bats with sunflower seeds, Whole wheat bars with pumpkin seeds, Basket smoked cheese pastry, Crunchy thins with turmeric, Crunchy spinach thins, Crunchy thins with pumpkin protein, etc.

Visit their website: https://basket.co.rs/
COPA is a newly founded cooperative created by merging of Juzni Banat and ATOS FRUCTUM, two Serbian companies dealing with the production of apples. It was founded with the desire to offer top-notch Pannonian apples to foreign markets. COPA team believes synergy is at the core of every successful business. The product that will be presented at the fair is varieties of fresh apples.

COPA as a long-term supplier of fresh apples to the UK, considers this fair very important and expects a lot from it.

Visit their website: https://www.copa.co.rs/
Damar Confit
Damar Confit
Damar Confit is a company that deals with the processing and sale of fresh truffles, with the basic success of presenting Serbian truffles to the whole world with their top properties. In recent years, guided by the love of truffles and a strong will in the achieved goals, they have enabled the opening of new markets, better positioning and placement - which is the basis of their further development.

Through the work of permanent technological improvement, they have managed to develop an unusual recipe, composed in such a way as to preserve the natural properties of truffles and at the same time provide maximum taste and aroma.

Their product line includes: fresh white and black truffles, olive oil with truffles as well as dark, milk and white chocolate with truffles and pralines with truffles.

Visit their website: https://damartartufi.com/
DEM Kulpin
DEM Kulpin
As the largest milling company in Serbia, DEM Kulpin have taken the next step by establishing a state-of-the-art noodle factory with cutting-edge technology. Their noodles are tailored to suit the taste of European consumers, and they are excited to showcase their superior products at IFE London 2023.
The UK market presents an excellent opportunity, as the demand for quality noodles continues to grow. With their large production capacity and commitment to quality, they believe they can meet the needs of UK customers. DEM Kulpin looks forward to building lasting relationships with their UK customers and expanding their presence in this exciting market.

Visit their website: https://www.demkulpin.com/
Did you know that Serbia is one of the countries with the highest-quality truffles in the World? If you enjoy enriching your meals with healthy truffle-based products, come visit the BSCC member Elements at the Serbian Pavilion during IFE!

Elements is a brand that aims to bring nature back to everyday life. They strive to be the best, with the most exclusive, tastiest, but healthiest products on the market. At the biggest, forthcoming, annual food & drink trade show in London, they will present their highly demanded products including: Black Truffle Carpaccio, Truffled Butter and Truffle Oil. In addition, they are rounding up their hedonistic programme with sweet spreads; Chocolate Pistachio Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate Almond Cream. Come and taste it!

Visit their website: https://elements.rs/
Flora, fruits and vegetables processing factory, was founded back in 1978 and from the very beginning has been operating as an integral part of the company PIK Becej AD. In 2016, we have become part of the MK Group, which is one of the leading holding companies both in Serbia and the region.

By applying modern techniques and technology, in our factory 18,000 tons of vegetables are produced every year, which gives us the opportunity to offer to the market a wide range of finished products backed by proven quality and a history of over 40 years.

Flora products are made of natural raw materials, with natural spices, undergone physical preservation methods such as high temperature treatment, refrigeration and freezing, without added additives, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The most significant export products are frozen peas, green beans and sweet corn, as well as sterilized peas and sweet corn.

Visit their website: https://florafoods.rs/
Food Market
Food Market
Main occupation of Food Market is sensory evaluation of quality and taste of food and beverages which are produced in Serbia. Next to that, they have shops where people can buy awarded products. Currently, they are aiming to ship worldwide and to offer best products from Serbia to the world. Their products are coming from small producers with long tradition, which means that quality of products is guaranteed (no industry producers).

Visit their website: www.foodmarket.rs
Quet is the series of premium quality wines by Fruskogorski vinogradi. It is named after a Celtic fortress around which the modern-day village of Banoštor emerged in the 15th century. Quet wines are being produced since 2006 and have been pleasing the palate of wine lovers and connoisseurs ever since. During IFE, Fruskogorski Vinogradi will present the following wines:

Quet Merlot 18+ Edition - created for the love at first sight. It is highly likable and captivating due to its plum, blueberry, blackberry and chocolate aromas. Mild acids and austerity render this wine a flavor, which makes it one of the most popular red wines.

Quet Cuvee Limited Edition - Dark red color, complexity and its pronounced
plum, cherry and sour cherry aromas are the main characteristics of this wine. Being unfiltered, it displays the true character of wine and local terroir.

Quet Grasac wine has to it a very likable, variety-based bouquet, supplemented by fruity, flowery and spicy aromas. Moderately full, with lots of aroma resembling also citrus fruits, quince and white peach. The wine is soft and full-bodied, of exquisite balance, gradual taste impressions and significant persistence.

Quet Traminac has nuances of green and pale-yellow give forth freshness. Its scent is pure, developed and characteristic for the variety. The flowery aromas from the bouquet are recognizable in the flavor, and are supplemented by a ripe white fruit aroma.

Visit their website: http://fruvin.com/en/
GMP Jarmenovci
GMP Jarmenovci
If you prefer natural products without any artificial ingredients, sweeteners, colours or additives, a visit to Serbian Pavilion at IFE is a must!

GMP Jarmenovci is a fruit and vegetable processing company. Established in 1962, it is based in Jarmenovci, near Topola in the Sumadija region, located in the central part of Serbia.

They produce both from canned to deep frozen products, targeted towards retail, HoReCa and industrial markets. Within their variety line of assortments, they encase their products ranging from sweet to sour to salty mixtures in both jars and cans. They produce 20 different types of jams - both classic and premium - as well as several different types of fruit fillers, compotes, salads, spreads etc.

In addition, their whole production process is in accordance to the highest level of standards in food production such are ISO 22000 (HCCP included ), IFS, FSSC 22000, Kosher and Halal.

Visit their website: http://www.gmpjarmenovci.com/
AD “MEDELA” was founded in 1975. in Vrbas, in Serbia and produces confectionery products.

The following production lines are located in the production plant:
  • Production line for strudel and tea biscuits;
  • Production line for wafers;
  • Line for cocoa-coated products

Medela brand has been presented on the Serbian and regional markets for 47 years. Medela Strudel is the leading brand in strudel category in serbian market and markets of the former Yugoslavia. The company “ Ravanica ” DOO Cuprija became the part of Medela company in 2018. and the product range was expanded with two traditional brands Bonzita and Romansa.

  • Products/Services: Strudels, Wafers, Tea buiscuits, Wholegrain biscuits
  • Production capacities: 4.500 t /year
  • Standards and certifications: ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, FSSC 22000, Halal

Visit their website: www.medela.rs
Born at the origins of the Homolje Mountains in Eastern Serbia, Medles can be described as the perfect combination of first-class honey and premium-quality hazelnuts, a new product concept that contains only ingredients from a diligently controlled production environment. As the company’s mission is to preserve the natural environment and biodiversity, they proudly grow their hazelnuts and produce their honey without the use of any agents that pose danger and threat to the environment and overall consumption.

As the traditional values of sharing health and enjoyment amongst loved ones is highly important to Medles team, they decided to make the unique taste of their natural delicacy available to each and every one of you!

"Being made aware of the UK market’s dire need for natural products, we were most honored to have accepted the invitation to participate at such an important and prestigious event as the IFE 2023 fair in London. We greatly thank the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce, who recognised the value of our product and therefore, gave us the opportunity to present it." Milos Petrovic, Marketing Manager

Visit their website: https://medles.rs/
Nutrino Lab
Nutrino Lab
Baby Food Factory, the only factory in the Adriatic region that guarantees the highest standard of quality and safety of food for all generations, has recorded continuous growth, both in terms of production growth and portfolio expansion, as well as in sales results, baby food market share, and export activities in markets around the world.

Their main force is the brand Nutrino, which provides a complete range of products for the youngest and has recently expanded to offer healthy nutrition to all generations through Nutrino Lab and Nutrino Junior.

Nutrino Lab as a functional adult healthy snack that was developed in 2020. It is a unique on-the-go product that is made from 100% fruits and vegetables, without sugar and additives. Owing to innovative production technology, Nutrino Lab puree mixes that come in pouch packaging are an ideal snack throughout the day.

"The presence of our company at one of the leading fairs in the food and beverage industry, IFE London, is a great business opportunity for us to present ourselves to companies from the UK market, create new partnerships, but also to follow trends and events in the industry, as well as world events in the raw material procurement market." - Nenad Nikolovski, CEO

Visit their website: https://nutrinolab.com/
Ribella is no1 hummus brand in Eastern Europe and is present in more than 17 European countries!

Their mission is to provide quick, easy and nutritious snacks and meals and help customers to improve their nutrition habits by giving them healthier choices with no compromise on taste nor convenience, and all in-line to environmental sustainability.

Ribella (Ribelli in Italian, which translates to rebels) fights for a HEALTHIER and more SUSTAINABLE FOOD future. The products they make are an expression of what
they aspire to be. They make phenomenal, tasty food which is good for people and good for the planet. Ribella is strongly comitted to using only the best quality ingredients which ensures their products are top-tier!

Visit their website: https://www.ribella.net/
Rubin winery is located in the South-east part of Europe, on the terrain which is ideal for wine cultivation, at the latitude where the world’s most famous wineries and vineyard areas are found - Bordeaux in France and Tuscany in Italy. It is the biggest manufacturer of grapes, wine and spirits in the country, with a tradition of over 65 years. The company owns the largest surfaces of vineyards in the season’s harvest– 1.000 hectares and the largest number of wines with protected geographical origin in the country.

Products: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Production capacities: The advantage of Rubin is the complete process of wine
production: from its own vineyards, cooper workshop where barrels are made, to
the production of the high-quality wine. The wine cellar of the company has the
capacity of 22.5 million liters, while the capacity of the wine cellar made
exclusively for cognac type drink is 15 million liters, from which 6 million is in oak
barrels (12.000 oak barrels of 500 l for distillate aging) is makes Rubin one of the
owners with the largest wood cellars in Europe. Rubin portfolio includes more
than 80 products.

Standards and certifications:
  • 2000- 2003 JUQS BELGRADE, SERBIA
  • 2007-2009 2010-2013 EVROCERT BELGRADE, SERBIA
  • 2013-2016 SGS BELGRADE, SERBIA
  • 2016-2019 SGS BELGRADE, SERBIA
  • 2019-2022 JUQS BEOGRAD, SERBIA

Visit their website: www.rubin.rs
In 2022, Serbia was the third producer of raspberries in the World, and is an important producer of fruit, particularly berries - strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, sour cherries, red currants, black currants, as well as plums and apricots.

Stanic company is family owned, one of the largest IQF berries processor in Balkan region, with more than 25 000 tons of berries frozen, processed, packaged in Serbia and delivered worldwide to more than 40 countries of Europe, North America and Asia. Over 20+ year is processing and over 40+ years in production of berries has guaranteed them a cooperation with companies such as: Andros SNC, Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, Rewe Group , Edeka group, Kerry Group PLC, Boiron Frères SAS, etc. They have been supplying those companies directly or indirectly for more than 10 years and are proud of their long-term partnership with them.

Moreover, they produce configure jams - plum, apricot, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, sour cherry, quince and fruit mix.

Production capacities: Over 25.000tons of processed frozen fruit per year. Configure capacities: 4000jars(300g)/hour.


"The opportunity to present our products at the IFE is an excellent chance for us to make an entrance to the market where we are not present yet. Our plan is that, with this exhibition, we will be able to offer our high-quality products to companies from the UK, especially retailer companies that are interested in production of their own Private label brands." - Sasa Stanic, CEO

Visit their website: https://stanic.co.rs/
Vital is one of the largest and oldest oil and vegetable fat factories in the Balkans with a tradition of over 167 years. Today, it is one of the largest food producers in the country. It is a factory whose production of oil, margarine, vegetable fat, vegetable lard, mayonnaise and ketchup is based on the most modern technologies. By introducing the quality system of FSSC 22000, IFS, HALAL, as well as the HACCP system, using its own accredited laboratory Vital today achieves sustainable growth and development. Our goal is to strengthen existing and by taking new market positions.

  • Mayonnaise (Mayovita Delicatess Mayonnaise, Mayovita light )
  • Ketchup ( Mild ketchup, Pizza ketchup, Hot ketchup)
  • Sunflower oil - 1l, 5l
  • Vinegar ( Apple, Alcoholic)
  • Sauce ( Tartar, BBQ, Grill)
  • Margarine spreads ( Prijatno mlečni, Prijatno light, Prijatno Softy)
  • Margarine ( Vitalfit, Margarine, Sweet sour cream margarine)
  • Vegetable ghee
  • Mustard ( classic, herbs, chilli)

Production capacities: 150 tons of oil and 100 tons of other products daily.
Standards and certifications: FSSC 22000, IFS, HALAL, HACCP.

Visit their website: https://vital.rs/en/
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For everyone in the UK, please, make sure to visit our stand number 4969 & 5070 under the name 'Serbian Pavilion' from 20-22 March at ExCeL London.

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