NREA Weekly Updates: September 9, 2022

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The Rural Educator - In-the-Moment Experiences of Rural School Principals in the COVID-19 Pandemic
The Rural Educator - In-the-Moment Experiences of Rural School Principals in the COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the many existing inequalities in education systems across the world. Not all children have easy access to educational online resources or digital technologies, a situation more amplified in rural contexts where access, connectivity and affordability play a significant factor. This qualitative account reveals examples of how rural school leaders were able to find innovative ways early in the COVID-19 pandemic to address the remote learning needs of their students and families.
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The Rural Voice Podcast: The Pandemic Revisited

In this episode of the Rural Voice, we are again joined by Dr. Lisa Costello. We discuss the changing landscape of COVID-19 and emerging viruses in the United States. We discuss data tracking approaches to determine changes in the infection rates and new challenges arising in a post-pandemic world, particularly for children, teachers, and administrators. We discuss some methods for addressing infections and protecting children from further diseases. This includes new vaccine boosters for COVID. 
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New Panel at the National Forum to Advance Rural Education!

Excited to share the newest addition to our general session line-up…a new panel featuring Dr. Sweeney Windchief (Assiniboine) from Montana State University & Sheneka Williams from Michigan State University talking about what it means to have a fair chance at a good life in rural America. Get to know more about them and register now.
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National Rural Education Association Releases Five-Year Research Agenda 

The National Rural Education Association (NREA) is pleased to release the National Rural Education Association Research Agenda – 2022-2027. The agenda charts a five-year research path for rural education with the goal of shedding light on innovative rural practices, addressing unique rural challenges, and continuing to build on the strengths of rural people and places.

The full agenda can be found on NREA’s website at Questions pertaining to the research process can also be directed to the research subcommittee members listed below.

Catharine Biddle -
Pamela J. Buffington -
Sara L. Hartman -
Erin McHenry-Sorber -
J. Kessa Roberts -
Sarah Schmitt-Wilson -
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