NREA Weekly Update: May 26, 2023

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For this episode of The Rural Voice, we welcome President Randy Boyd of the University of Tennessee (UT) System. We discuss challenges for UT, its position as a land grant institution with representation across the state, and the UT Promise program, which offers tuition coverage to families who make less than $60,000 annually.
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The Trinity Alps Unified School District in rural Northern California is on mostly federal lands. Superintendent Green discusses the Secure Schools Act, which provides funding gained from federal lands to help fund education under the leadership of Teddy Roosevelt, in partnership with the NREA (that’s right, the NREA). About ten years ago, the government suggested that education be weaned off federal lands and allotments. Further, for school districts with large amounts of federal land, property taxes are not sustainable to fund education. Superintendent Green approached legislators about how to find solutions to these funding issues, and he suggests that investing in education is investing in our future by providing quality education and rural resource to build rural communities. 
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June 16, 2023

Ben Winchester, University of Minnesota Extension rural sociologist, will speak virtually at the Fort Hays State University Noyce Summer Summit on June 16th at 8:30 AM CT.  

Rewriting the Rural Narrative
It seems the rural story has already been told. Small towns keep getting smaller. Churches, schools, clinics, businesses, and now post offices, have closed their doors as the lucky few migrate out to the big cities. This deficit framework dominates how we discuss and envision our rural communities. However, the story of rural America since 1970 is rich and diverse, with positive trends occurring under the radar. Learn how positive changes around migration, community involvement, economic development, and regional living have diversified this landscape that require us to rewrite the narrative of rural community change.

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Meeting ID: 971 0324 6842
Passcode: FHSU

Funding provided by Dr. Janet Stramel with Edna Shutts Williams Endowed funds.

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