SCC Newsletter July 2021

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Dear Spanish Chamber of Commerce Members,

As we continue together to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and the day-to-day challenges and changes to our normal circumstances, it is incredible to see how our business community and colleagues come together to support each other. We all continue to face challenges that no one was prepared for. This dynamic climate has made us adapt quickly to remain relevant. 

Once again we are given an opportunity of reflecting on what truly matters most.
Among members, families, friends, colleagues, and communities, these aspects of our shared experience are key to weathering any crisis, but in particular this current pandemic.

The SCC uses its three pillars to help guide and direct our mission, which is to represent, serve, and connect present and future members to build and sustain a thriving business community. 

These three pillars are :  
1. Advocacy, 
2. Benefits, 
3. Connect.

The SCC advocates on behalf of businesses. This means we listen to the concerns and challenges that our members face and interact with the necessary government departments to support their challenges. Issues can range from government regulations to support with the Department of Trade Industry and Competition (DTIC) and Home Affairs (HA) and more…..

We have a variety of unique benefits for our members, such as travel discounts, opportunities to promote your business, and education on a range of business and leadership topics. Additionally, there is the benefit of connecting you with other like-minded leaders within our community, bringing us to our last pillar.

We host events and create opportunities to connect members within our own communities, as well as with our fellow European Chambers. When Covid no longer becomes a risk and when socializing is once again become possible, we will organize Knowledge Cafés, breakfast and evening networking events.

Are you struggling to find employees for your talent pool? Let us know and allow us to connect you with our members that specialise in recruitment and specialised placements. Maybe you are unsatisfied with the insurance rates you are paying – let us also connect you with our members that will give you good rates and even better service. 

We continue to working to create opportunities for your organisation which is perhaps more important now than ever before.

As we continue on this journey, we are hearing that you want to find ways to support your communities, your teams, your peers and, of course, your families and loved ones during these unprecedented times.

As you look for ways to offer support and contribute to your communities, one of our members, the Global Business Institute of Management and Leadership has taken on the #GiveBackSaveMac, which is involved in supporting and promoting a worldwide blood drive, due to a critical shortage globally. Please consider this project and help to grow the Blood Bank supplies in South Africa during these challenging and unprecedented times.  

And finally, what matters most is that we have a shared vision for our future beyond the pandemic. As of today, it’s unsettling, irritating, and unknown as to when this will all end, we need to remember that it will end, and we will prevail.

Stay safe, connected, and healthy, and continue to let us know how we can help.
Jose Maria Segurola, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce RSA and the Spanish Chamber Team:  Manuela Sanchez, Sean Hlomane and Jess Jooste
The SCC hosted its Seventh Annual General Meeting at the Embassy of Spain in South Africa on 28 May 2021.
New Board of Directors
We are proud to announce the SCC new Board of Directors. Congratulations to the 2021/22 Board of Directors.

New Board Members:

Mr Jose Maria Segurola Arregui, Chief Representative Officer of CaixaBank South Africa
Ms Tshepo Ncube, Head of Global Corporations at Absa Group
Mr Siyabonga Mbanjwa, Managing Director of Pace Project Management
Mr Roberto Gómez Crespo, Head of Business Development Iberdrola South Africa
Mr Severiano Campos Peláez, General Manager at Grupo Iberconsa (Echalar Fishing) South Africa
Mr Eduardo Arques Esteve, Director of Casa Lejana International
Mr Marcos Pelegrin, Managing Director of LaLiga South Africa
Ms Carmen Hidalgo, Sales and Operations at Switch Telecom
Ms Geetha Maharaj, CEO of TradeBRICS
Mr Fernando Jiménez Aguilar, Managing Director at SENER South Africa
Mr Luis Angel Blanco Ruiz Business Development Director Almar Water Solutions South Africa
Mr Isaac Martín-Barbero, Honorary Vice President and Head Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Spain in South Africa 

New Office Bearers
The SCC Team is proud to announce its President, Mr Jose Maria Segurola Arregui, who has been re-elected into the post of President, the new Vice President, Ms Tshepo Ncube, Head Global Corporates at Absa Group, and Mr Siyabonga Mbanjwa, who has been re-elected as Treasurer. Congratulations! Felicidades!

Our new Office Bearers are supported by H.E. Mr Carlos Enrique Fernández-Arias Minuesa, Ambassador of Spain to the Republic of South Africa, and Mr Isaac Martín-BarberoHead Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Spain in South Africa.
Lunch Reception at the Ambassador's Residence
The Honourable Spanish Ambassador to South Africa, His Excellency Mr Carlos Fernandez-Arias, invited the Members of the Chamber to a lunch reception at his Residence after a successful 7th Annual General Meeting of the SCC.
Disclaimer - these dates are subject to change. 
03 March 2021 - Budget and Impact on Business Presentation and Discussing the Impact on FDI's by Mazars' David French 

31 March 2021 - Global Headlines from the Future one year into COVID-19 by Peter Genldenhys

14 April 2021 - Effective ways to manage burnout and lead your teams remotely by Mark De Stadler in Association with the Italian Chamber 

05 May 2021 - Weathering the Storm: Prospects for reform or political realignement in South Africa's next decade by Dr Frans Cronje 

19 May 2021 - A panel discussion with Spellas Lengert Kübler Braun (SLKB) Inc titled: Are you ready for the POPI Act? Protection of Personal Information Act Implementation and Compliance.

07 July 2021 - Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic by Air France -KLM 

NB* If you missed any of these webinars, please kindly go to our Youtube channel and enjoy the recordings. 
Along with the SCC Board Meeting held on 7 May 2021, and the aforementioned Annual General Meeting, the SCC has attended and hosted various in-person events during the Level 1 Lockdown period.  
Wild Spirit Conservation Fundraising Event
The Wild Spirit Conservation Fundraising Event was hosted on 4 June 2021 at the Ambassador's Residence in Pretoria. The Embassy of Spain in South Africa, the Wild Spirit Fund and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce collaborated to address an issue that affects us all: wildlife conservation and the health of our planet. 

The event entailed an exhibition of pieces of art by local artists and world-renowned wildlife photographers and a luxury lodges lucky draw.

It was a pleasure to support the Wild Spirit Fund Presentation on 4 June with the Lomond  Sugarbush Sauvignon Blanc and Cat's Tail Syrah. Aptly named after two of the most iconic fynbos species one can find around our 1000ha wine farm. Conservation is an ethos that Lomond lives.
Situated in the Cape Agulhas wine region on the Southern most Tip of Africa, the Alchemy of Nature is present everywhere you look on the farm. Lomond have adopted this into every aspect of their farming practices, making conservation of the critically endangered Elim Fynbos a cornerstone of who we are.
Lomond is the first South African wine farm to enter into a Conservation Servitude with Fauna and Flora International to ensure the long-term preservation of some of these critically endangered species found on the slopes of Ben Lomond, the mountain overlooking the vineyards in which the farm was named after.
Still, these efforts do not stop with fynbos. Leopards, boks, foxes, owls, and many more call these fynbos-covered hills where our vines are planted home. Lomond work closely with their local conservancies to monitor and protect the diverse wildlife on the farm and beyond.
If you would like to try more of the Lomond award-winning wines and support their conservation initiatives (you can read more here), we invite you to join the Lomond wine club today for FREE and receive R150 OFF your first order. 
Simply click HERE and sign up with no obligation and instantly get access to special club pricing. Then use code "conservation150" upon checkout to receive R150 OFF your first order.
Conservation is a journey, not a destination.

If you would like to contact Lomond Wine directly, hereunder are the contact details.

Geoff McIver
Lomond Wine

Email: |
Cell: +27 (0)82 452 2853
Mazars CFO Luncheon at La Vie en Rose
On the 10th of June, Mazars and ITX Advisory hosted the first European CFO business luncheon in 2021, organised with French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Republic of South Africa and British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa.

These luncheons aims to connect CFOs from large European companies and create a space for discussion, networking and exchange of experiences over a delicious lunch. During our last lunch, our Tax Consulting Director, Althea Soobyah discussed the importance for businesses to remain compliant with the tax laws, what it means for directors when companies do not meet their obligations under the tax legislation and what measures can be considered to mitigate.
Upcoming Events and Webinars
Friday, 28 July 2021 | ABSA Webinar - Cyber Crime and Mitigating Operational and Brand damage
More information on this webinar to follow soon. If you are interested in joining this webinar, send an email to 
IBN Immigration Solutions 

One of our SCC Member, IBN Immigration Solutions has released their May/June 2021 Newsletter on the COVID-19 update as well as the immigration news in Southern Africa. Please click hereunder link to access and read the newsletter. 
IBN Newsletter: COVID-19 update, Invest in Kenya, etc ✈
Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace by SLKB Attorneys Inc.
Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace by SLKB Attorneys  Inc.
On 11 June 2021 the Department of Labour published updated Consolidated Directions on Occupation Health and Safety in Government Gazette Vol 672 No.

In terms Clause 3 (1) (a) (ii) of Regulations published in the Government Gazette on 11 June 2021, employers are required within 21 days from 11 June 2021 to decide whether they intend making vaccination from Covid-19 mandatory in the workplace.

Along with this decision whether to make vaccinations mandatory, each employer must:
  • identify categories of employees that must be vaccinated,
  • set out how the directive will be complied with;
  • set out the measures it will take to implement its vaccination policy once vaccinations become available; and
  • provide employees with paid time off to obtain the vaccination (employers are entitled to request proof of vaccination).

However, in Annexure C of the directive the Department of Labour sets out the guidelines for an Employer that makes Vaccination Mandatory.
Section 5 of the guidelines provides that the employer must:
  • give notice to the employees that they are required to be vaccinated (as and when the vaccine becomes available to that employee);
  • inform the employee of his or her right to refuse to be vaccinated on Constitutional or Medical grounds; and
  • give the employee the opportunity to consult a health and safety representative or a worker representative or trade union official.
If an employee refuses to be vaccinated on any constitutional or medical ground, the employer should-

  • counsel the employee and, if requested, allow the employee to seek guidance from a health and safety representative, worker representative or trade union official;
  • refer for further medical evaluation should there be a medical contraindication for vaccination; and
  • if necessary. take steps to reasonably accommodate the employee in a position that does not require the employee to be vaccinated.

For the purposes of these guidelines, reasonable accommodation means any modification or adjustment to a job or to the working environment that will allow an employee who fails or refuses to be vaccinated to remain in employment.

This might include an adjustment that permits the employee to work offsite or at home or in isolation within the workplace such as an office or a warehouse or working outside of ordinary working hours. In instances of limited contact with others in the workplace, it might include a requirement that the employee wears an N95 mask.

Do not hesitate to contact us at SLKB Inc.

Should you require assistance deciding on and implementing your Covid-19 vaccination plan.


Please download hereunder the updated B4SA Fact Sheet for Employer / Workplace vaccination sites, which provides a guideline on the process that is required in order to register and be onboarded as a vaccination site.

For more information and daily updates from Business For South Africa, click on the following link : 
Business 4 South Africa Member Update
Worldwide Critical Blood Shortage
Worldwide Critical Blood Shortage
Due to a worldwide blood shortage an urgent blood drive has been organised and a call of action to good, responsible citizens is going out globally, inviting participation and or the use of voices to spread the word.

What started out as a campaign to save the show MacGyver, has morphed into a worldwide community wanting to use their time and effort to give back to worthy causes such as;

• Worldwide Blood Drives and
• Raising Funds towards Cancer Research.

The practice of giving citizens is often found in unexpected places.

Upon learning of the critical blood supply shortage nearly every nation faces as a result of COVID-19, the #SaveMacGyver campaign’s path forward was clear.

The Community was inspired by the characters and the cast played by them, who lends their support and voices to LGBT+ youth, anti-bullying efforts, and to the advocacy of all, but specifically to women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Campaign has decided to spend the month of July participating in weekly charitable challenges, and participating in the blood drive they have launched.

The Global Business Institute of Management & Leadership (GBI), one of the SCC members has taken on this project as part of their social responsibility and has taken up the challenge to support this blood drive in South Africa.

The campaign is inviting all South Africans who value contributing to the highest good of all, to volunteer their blood, their time, and their voices to help replenish blood stores depleted in South Africa by the unprecedented global medical emergency that is COVID-19. As a nation, every effort we put forward in helping each other is instrumental in getting through COVID-19 together. Please see article that speaks to the blood shortage in South Africa.

The campaign has a humble goal of 50 donors worldwide but believe that there are many caring citizens worldwide, who will help to surpass that target and help save hundreds, if not thousands of lives worldwide.

As of 29/06/2021, the South African National Blood Service reports that blood stocks are critically low. With the aid of conscientious South African citizens this can change.

Every unit of blood donated can save a minimum of three lives and the campaign is asking for volunteers to step up and be a part of contributing to the betterment of our local communities.

The #SaveMacGyver campaign is urging South Africans to get involved by organizing in-house blood drives or by advocating for their employees to take part in the drive, by booking an appointment for after the Level 4 lockdown is over.

Be a part of a global movement and show your participation on social media by using the hashtag #GiveBackSaveMac, and show the world why we are #ProudlySouthAfrican.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration, Haley with the #SaveMacGyver Campaign.

The link to the South African National Blood Service website is:

A PDF of the blood drive flyer is shared below.
Worldwide Critical Blood Shortage - needs your support
Take advantage of our membership benefit!

One of our SCC members, Transitex Global, is offering a 5% discount on all import and export general cargo.

Please click the link hereunder to access the PDF outlining all membership benefits. 
SCC Membership Benefits 2021
Take advantage of the Air France/KLM flights discount offer! 

Air France are extending the 10% online discount offer for members of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa (and their immediate family).

Enroll now on the Air France / KLM individual loyalty program "Flying Blue" for free, to start earning miles immediately and qualify for the discount! 

For more information don't hesitate to email us on 
Think Again, Think Spain
English Video
Spanish Video
The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is important to us
The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa appreciates your membership and friendship. We are dedicated to serving you as a valued member and friend. 

With the POPIA law having to come into effect as of the 1st July 2021, we would like to still keep in touch with you and let you know what is happening at our Chamber and send you information to manage your business.

Therefore the Spanish Chamber of Commerce RSA needs your help: by confirming your subscription to our mailing list, you will continue to receive relevant strategic and innovate content and invitations to both online and when possible f2f events.

Please update your preferences or unsubscribe from this mailing list by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email we send you.
We thank you in advance.
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