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1st FICL Corporate Lawyers Summit 2022 will bring around 80+ General Counsels/ Legal Heads from Public Sector and Private Sector for a fruitful interaction on current issues being faced by them due to Covid pandemic which has created a paradigm shift in legal ecosystem.

This FICL Summit would provide a technology driven platform for greater interaction amongst the delegates attending the summit. Salient features include:

Event Community

Bring your audience closer together by allowing attendees to see who else is attending the event and helping them interact. In compliance with privacy laws, you control when the community opens, what information to show for each participant and the attendee can control whether or not to participate. The community is available in the attendee mobile app on both Android and iOS devices.

Personal QR Code for Check-Ins

Traditionally, check-in desks at events have a pen & paper style of double checking if you're registered, checking off your name, and letting you in. While it's simply said, it's not exactly simple in practice when these little questionnaires can add up tens of minutes to the wait time to get into the event. This also doesn't account for non-registered attendees, or even people falsifying who they are.

Check-ins and new-attendee registration is made often easier by the use of PCs at the desk that take in QR codes scanned by arriving attendees that they received when they registered online before arriving at the event. With the addition of an app however, you can check in attendees via QR codes by scanning them with your phone's event management tool, and then letting them in. This reduces the friction of check ins and ensures a smooth and secure check in process.