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Paul Pitsaras (Master of Ceremonies)

Paul Pitsaras

Master of Ceremonies

Paul is the co-founder, Managing Director, Executive Coach & Speaker at The Open Mind Institute, also known as ‘TOMI’.
TOMI is a growth mindset and performance training and coaching institute based in Brisbane, Australia, servicing executives, business professionals and organisations around the world.

Before co-founding TOMI, Paul was a litigation lawyer for 10 years working in various leading law firms & departmental organisations in London, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Paul has a double bachelor degree in Law & International Business, certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Training & Assessment and studied Behavioural Science prior to going into the law.

Paul’s articles on growth mindset & performance have been published in Proctor and Wellness Daily and he frequently appears on panels, ABC Radio and across other media platforms on how to cultivate a growth mindset & achieve peak cognitive performance. Paul is an authority on ‘mindset’ and was recently voted as one of the top executive coaches in Brisbane by Influence Digest and has also become a sought after international speaker.

Rachael Bosnjak (Legal Practice Director of Passage Co)

Rachael Bosnjak

Legal Practice Director of Passage Co

Vibrant, candid, and optimistic, Rachael is a force for good when it comes to using her knowledge of immigration law to unite people, create joy, and enhance diversity and equality. She gets great outcomes because she removes complexity and gets straight to the heart of migration legislation.

As a lawyer, Rachael has worked with multinational businesses, asylum seekers, and individuals trying to navigate the complex web of immigration in Australia. Much more than just a lawyer, she has experienced most migration situations alongside her clients and is a professional and experienced designer of migration solutions.

As a business owner, Rachael established Passage Migration Consulting in 2021, combining over 10 years of experience in law with an MBA and management of small businesses. Co-founding Passage Co shortly after, Rachael has developed a simple and unique human-centred approach to bringing offshore talent to your workplace.

As a mentor, Rachael has worked with junior lawyers all over Australia. Aware that knowledge is power, she encourages young lawyers to keep learning, stay curious, and to challenge themselves with opportunities. As better law advocate, Rachael is committed to purposeful practice of law, encouraging lawyers from all backgrounds to be a human first, then a lawyer. Bringing uniqueness into the law in both practice and personality, so that we can all do law, better.

Lois Penney (President at BJCC)

Lois Penney

President at BJCC