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The Exhibit Hall at the Library, where our Happy Hour will be held after the conference, will be showcasing a photography exhibit by Leta Harrison Black Girls Don't Wear Red Lipstick.

Installation Dates: February 12-14

Exhibition Dates: February 15 - April 21

De-Installation Dates: April 22-23

"Step into a world of audacious beauty and empowerment with the photo exhibition, "Black Girls Don't Wear Red Lipstick," created by the visionary photographer, Leta Harrison and curated by Keyheira Keys. Inspired by the incomparable Texas musician, Kam Franklin, this captivating collection celebrates the boldness and resilience of black women who challenge societal norms and embrace their individuality with vibrancy.

Leta Harrison is a talented photographer with an unwavering passion for capturing the essence of her subjects and telling their powerful stories through her lens. Drawing inspiration from Kam Franklin's compelling journey, Leta embarked on a mission to uplift and inspire women who have been told to be modest and conform to societal expectations. Kam Franklin's influence: During Kam Franklin's riveting artist talk at the esteemed Carver Museum, she bravely shared her personal experiences of facing pressure to be more modest and being judged for her expressive style, often considered "too much." Kam's poignant recollection of the phrase, "Black girls don't wear red lipstick," struck a chord with Let, inspiring her to create this evocative exhibition. "Black Girls Don't Wear Red Lipstick" beautifully captures black women breaking free from the shackles of conformity. Leta's bold photographic prints showcase these women embracing vibrant colors and confidently wearing shades of red lipstick, symbolizing their rebellion against stifling stereotypes and societal constraints."