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ASEAN Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Summit 2020 offers several unique opportunities to speak face-to-face with industry leaders looking for the latest advanced manufacturing processes and practices that can help them survive and thrive in the global economy. Presentations discuss the practical applications of smart technologies throughout the supply chain and in Automotive and Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing industries.


Cutting-Edge Content on Topics:

Abstracts should address research, case studies and/or applications in any of the following areas:

  • Product and Technology--Shift from hardware-only to software-enabled & service offering
  1. How to change product and technology roadmaps to ensure differentiating innovations for selected growth areas, especially given that traditional hardware is increasingly becoming commoditized?
  2. Does the roadmap include new electronics and software driven features as key differentiators?
  3. Which new product and service offerings or business models that are enabled by new technologies and features should be included?
  4. How can product portfolio decision change the company's value chain role?
  • Operating Cost-Maximize cash generation from operations and rethink the investments into R&D and assets
  1. To what extent will pricing be impacted by increasing competitive pressure from OEMs and new competitors?
  2. Is the current product design or manufacturing setup appropriate given the decreasing differentiation on hardware parts?
  3. What new possibilities are available to lower operating costs (e.g., Industry 4.0)?

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