Dear Retirement Fund Professional

We are pleased to share that our winter conference registration is finally open. The Batseta Winter Conference 2023 will be held from 12 to 13 June 2023 at Sun City Convention Centre.

Networking activities will take place on Sunday 11 June 2023, we urge all our guests to arrive by Sunday late morning.

This year's theme is "#BeSmart".

"I am a trustee because……"

"I am a principal officer because……"

Retirement fund fiduciaries have many reasons for volunteering their time and professional skills for the benefit of the members. Being a principal officer or trustee is one of the most important and powerful positions a person can ever have in the society. Against the backdrop of global and local disruptions such as the looming recessions, the ongoing war in Europe, energy crisis and climate-induced disasters, fiduciaries must Be Smart and resilient to navigate the foreseen tricky and uncertain future.

Being Smart means that funds must be forward looking and proactive in their response to achieve optimum outcomes for their members. Retirement Fund fiduciary competency areas include to:

  • #BeSmart in responding to issues related to an orderly energy transition.

  • #BeSmart in understanding the impact of ESG and Climate Change.

  • #BeSmart in dealing with investment challenges and opportunities that are impactful locally and offshore.

  • #BeSmart in influencing and implementing legislative imperatives.

  • #BeSmart in collaborating with other stakeholders to find collective solutions to industry challenges.

Delegates attending the 2023 Batseta Winter Conference have an opportunity to acquire knowledge about the latest trends, research and solutions offered by local and international industry experts. The conference topics will support the current and/or future board room competency areas cited to encouraging innovative smart solutions and cutting-edge thinking.

There is also ample time to meet and network with peers, service providers, and other industry stakeholders. The exhibitions provides an ideal platform to gauge what services are on offer within the retirement fund industry.

Our conference will bring together internationalisation leaders, experts, researchers as well as organisations and well-versed individuals well-versed to share their thoughts, research findings,lived experiences and good practice examples relating to retirement funds.

We are looking forward to a rich and impactful event....Register NOW!


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