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You are the primary provider in your child's life. And like you, we've felt hopeless when a therapist has told us we're not doing enough while feeling powerless to do more. The Communication Regulation Partner Training Program empowers you to work with your child differently, teaching you the expert information behind Spelling to Communicate so that what you do is more effective. You don't have to be tired or discouraged. You can learn to spell with your child, feel successful, and be excited about the future.

During this eight-week online course, registrants will meet weekly, live over Zoom and have the opportunity to

  • attend 8 in-depth content presentations
  • submit 7 clips of practice S2C sessions with their speller
  • receive personalized feedback and coaching

School aids, respite workers, or other staff members are also eligible to enroll in this course. Each registrant will finish with a solid understanding of the S2C method and the skills to continue practicing effectively. Starting with this course, your child can learn to spell with a new CRP, opening up greater opportunities for inclusion and integration into the world around them.

If paying for the course via a school district or the California Self Determination Program through Regional Center, please contact for an alternate registration process.

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