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Pinak Dattaray (Founder of Ripik Technology Private Limited)

Pinak Dattaray

Founder of Ripik Technology Private Limited

Pinak possesses around 10 years of experience of working in global consulting firm, leading several large-scale Digital and Analytics transformations. He has contributed to deploying 40+ AI use cases at 20+ clients across multiple countries. Currently he is engaged in building AI-ML-based solutions focusing on the manufacturing industry.

Presenting Case Study:
1. Production Planning and Scheduling for white goods
2. Process optimization and efficiency improvement of an
Aluminum manufacturer

Saurabh Sharma (Co-founder and COO of Syook)

Saurabh Sharma

Co-founder and COO of Syook

Saurabh Sharma comes from the background of oil and gas industry and possesses experience of working with some of the global companies in this domain. Currently he is engaged in building IIoT and RTLS solutions to track assets and people in real-time.

Presenting Case Study
Worker Productivity and Safety compliance in Electronic goods, FMCG and Agro product manufacturing company

Shiv Shankar Maurya (Co-Founder & CEO of mSense)

Shiv Shankar Maurya

Co-Founder & CEO of mSense

Shiv has around 25 years of industrial experience with 5+ years in Industrial IoT. Prior to mSense he worked as CTO, Chief Architect, etc. positions across multiple Industries.

Presenting Case Study
Digital Eyes and Ears for the quality inspection of an Automotive Manufacturer

Srihari Murthy (CEO & Co-Founder - Factri.Ai)

Srihari Murthy

CEO & Co-Founder - Factri.Ai

Srihari possesses 14+ years of hands-on experience in manufacturing and technology domain, working for global manufacturers across industries. He is currently building his startup Factri.Ai to unlock AI/ML driven manufacturing intelligence by digitizing factory data and enabling real time visibility.

Presenting Case Study
Paperless operations and real-time visibility in the auto component manufacturer