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Keynote Presentation : Leadershp, Innovation and CulutreLive from USA
Jonas Koffler

The leader of the future embraces culture and innovation and drives accountability beyond profits. Jonas will talk through the learnings of time gone by and what we should be ready for in the business of the future.

Jonas comes live from Austin, Texas.

  • Jonas Koffler (NY Times Best Selling Author, Growth advisor and Founder of LADA Labs)

    Jonas Koffler

    NY Times Best Selling Author, Growth advisor and Founder of LADA Labs
Boards of the Future Panel Conversation
Fionn SkiotisTom Slockee

What are the elements that Board Directors, Executives and Management need to consider in the future. How do boards drive high performance cultures?

  • Fionn Skiotis (Chair at Community Housing Limited)

    Fionn Skiotis

    Chair at Community Housing Limited
  • Tom Slockee (Chairman at SEARMS Aboriginal Corporation)

    Tom Slockee

    Chairman at SEARMS Aboriginal Corporation
Social Services Entrepreneurship : Achieving through ACTION
Donna Stolzenberg

Donna has a desire to make huge social change and that desire and enthusiasm has seen her announced as 2021 VIC Australian of the Year. Hear Donna's story about vision and building strong cultures in the social services landscape

  • Donna Stolzenberg (Founder and CEO of National Homeless Collective)

    Donna Stolzenberg

    Founder and CEO of National Homeless Collective
Keynote Presentation : Persuasive Presentation Skills
Michelle Bowden

Anyone who is proactive in managing the trajectory of their career understands the importance of learning, skill development and personal growth. It’s often said, ‘If you’re not learning, you’re probably not earning!’ You know that some of the skills you need to really excel in your current role have to be learned in a formal corporate training-style course, not everything can be provided by a book or online program. Persuasive Presentation Skills is one such subject matter.

  • Michelle Bowden (CEO of Michelle Bowden Media)

    Michelle Bowden

    CEO of Michelle Bowden Media
Panel : How do we move forward?
Michelle GegenhuberScott LangfordNicola Lemon

We've been challenged (CVD19), we now have opportunity in the form of growth, what's keeping Australasian leaders awake at night, and what's exciting them about the future.

  • Michelle Gegenhuber (Executive General Manager, Housing at AnglicareSA Housing)

    Michelle Gegenhuber

    Executive General Manager, Housing at AnglicareSA Housing
  • Scott Langford (CEO of SGCH)

    Scott Langford

    CEO of SGCH
  • Nicola Lemon (CEO of Hume Community Housing Association)

    Nicola Lemon

    CEO of Hume Community Housing Association
Being an industry professional : from the UK perspective live from England
Gavin Smart

What learnings can we take through the experiences of the social and affordable housing sector in the UK and what are the challenges for the future.

A keynote presentation from the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Housing, Gavin Smart.

  • Gavin Smart (Chief Executive Officer at Chartered Institute of Housing)

    Gavin Smart

    Chief Executive Officer at Chartered Institute of Housing
Do managers have the skills to manage? If not, what's missing?live from London
Ria BailesWayne Clarke

We've asked alot of our managers through the COVID pandemic; but do they really have the skills our workforce is demanding? Ria Bailes and Wayne Clark come live from the UK where they'll talk through a study that outlines the managerial requirements of the future.

  • Ria Bailes (Managing Director of Bailes Partners)

    Ria Bailes

    Managing Director of Bailes Partners
  • Wayne Clarke (Founder of Global Growth Institute)

    Wayne Clarke

    Founder of Global Growth Institute
Participant Roundtable

What have we learnt, what can we take away from today's sessions. An opportunity for networking and general discussion.

Welcome to Day Two Inspire 2021

Welcome and focus for today

USA Housing now and into the future
Adrianne TodmanSunny Shaw

How has housing in the US changed and what's the future look like post pandemic. Biden administration nominated, Adrianne Todman comes to us live from Washington DC.

  • Adrianne Todman (CEO of NAHRO)

    Adrianne Todman

    CEO of NAHRO
  • Sunny Shaw (Executive Director at Housing Alliance and Community Partnerships and National NAHRO President of Housing Alliance & Community Partnerships)

    Sunny Shaw

    Executive Director at Housing Alliance and Community Partnerships and National NAHRO President of Housing Alliance & Community Partnerships
Can elite sport teach us anything about running an elite business?
Bianca ChatfieldBrendan JoyceJoe Roff

Can we take what we know from elite sport and apply it to business and community? Former elite athletes, now business leaders share their story of transition and what elite sport has taught them on their journey.

  • Bianca Chatfield (Leadership, Media and Sport)

    Bianca Chatfield

    Leadership, Media and Sport
  • Brendan Joyce (High Performance Coach & Leader)

    Brendan Joyce

    High Performance Coach & Leader
  • Joe Roff (Former Australian Rugby Player, CEO of John James Foundation)

    Joe Roff

    Former Australian Rugby Player, CEO of John James Foundation
Australia's most innovative company
William Cox

Aurecon was recognised in 2020 as Australia's most innovative company. We hear the secrets of their success and the challenges of embracing innovative practices from from Aurecon Group CEO, Bill Cox.

  • William Cox (Global CEO of Aurecon Group)

    William Cox

    Global CEO of Aurecon Group
How culture and leadership comes from the top!
Steve Bevington

Steve Bevington founded Community Housing Limited (CHL) and has driven it to be one of the biggest Community Housing Providers in the Asia Pacific. So how did happen and how should culture and leadership be driven from the top?

  • Steve Bevington (Managing Director of Community Housing Limited)

    Steve Bevington

    Managing Director of Community Housing Limited
Panel : How do we build safe, mental health focused workplaces?
Sue AndersonCarrie-Ann LeesonKate Thomas

Our panel of mental health and wellbeing experts discuss how organisations can build strong, courageous and mental health positive environments and cultures.

  • Sue Anderson (Author - Unshakeable at Work - How to stop taking things personally and start building resilience...' at Good2gr8)

    Sue Anderson

    Author - Unshakeable at Work - How to stop taking things personally and start building resilience...' at Good2gr8
  • Carrie-Ann Leeson (CEO of Lifeline Canberra)

    Carrie-Ann Leeson

    CEO of Lifeline Canberra
  • Kate Thomas (Founder Kokoro Consulting of Kokoro Consulting)

    Kate Thomas

    Founder Kokoro Consulting of Kokoro Consulting
Keynote Presentation : What will your legacy be?live from London
James Kerr

James Kerr is a bestselling writer, speaker, coach and consultant who helps create high performance cultures for elite teams and organisations. He is the author of the global best-seller ‘Legacy’ which provides a unique insight into the most successful sporting team, The All Blacks – and has worked with some of the world’s most exceptional organisations, from Tier One Special Forces to Formula One teams, Premiership Football managers to Olympic teams, Google to Spotify to Boeing.

  • James Kerr (Bestselling Author at and High Performance Expert)

    James Kerr

    Bestselling Author at and High Performance Expert
Keynote Presentation : Why the dolphin brain is key to success?live from England
Mark Brown

Innovating thinking takes a certain way of thinking. Move over dinosaur, the dolphins are preparing to take over.

Join Dr Mark Brown, live from the UK as he discusses his research into innovation, culture and connecting deeply with your customer.

  • Mark Brown (CEO of Dolphin Index (UK))

    Mark Brown

    CEO of Dolphin Index (UK)
Participant Rountable

What have we learnt, what can we take away from today's sessions. An opportunity for networking and general discussion.

Welcome Day Three

Welcome to the third day of the Inspire Summit

The art of bringing happiness into our company culturelive from the US
Sunny Grosso

Happiness is not something boards or company executives spend any real time focusing on should they? Happiness expert and consultant to Fortune 100 companies, Sunny Grosso talks us through the ways happiness is transforming business. Sunny is coming live from California.

  • Sunny Grosso (Culture Chief at Delivering happiness)

    Sunny Grosso

    Culture Chief at Delivering happiness
How top performers market
Adam Long

Ditch the marketing fluff and discover how the top-performing companies harness marketing to achieve exponential growth. Learn the model and the system that you can take back to your business to generate bigger impact and bigger revenues.

  • Adam Long (CEO of The Ethical CEO)

    Adam Long

    CEO of The Ethical CEO
Telling stories that transform cultures and relationships
Yamini Naidu

Some of the worlds greatest leaders are known for the ability to communicate through the power of story. What Yamini Naidu will show you, is that we all have the ability to communicate with deep connection wtih your audience.

  • Yamini Naidu (Director of

    Yamini Naidu

    Director of
Why innovation is critical in delivering "real" solutions for homelessness
Paul Vevers

Paul takes us through the innovations that the NSW Department of Communities and Justice has put in place to find real solutions for homelessness.

  • Paul Vevers (Deputy Secretary at Department of Communities and Justice)

    Paul Vevers

    Deputy Secretary at Department of Communities and Justice
Choir of Hard Knocks how compassion drove positive community outcomes
Peter Cullen AO

Pete Cullen used his passion for compassion to develop a program that took a group of disadvantaged people and gave them purpose. A global success; Peter will outline his focus on the Choir of Hard Knocks and his social services business, Reclink.

  • Peter Cullen AO (CEO and Founder of Reclink)

    Peter Cullen AO

    CEO and Founder of Reclink
How do we acheive innovation in housinglive from the UK
Ian Wright

In this session we will explore the world of innovation with a view from outside the social housing sector as we seek to understand how areas such as PropTech and Intelligent automation will disrupt the way we deliver services to tenants and residents.

With a focus on the problems the sector is seeking to solve across a range of housing related issues we will learn about Amazon’s innovation culture, it’s approach to failure and how it has managed the covid crisis. In addition, we will hear about how LEGOs innovation model nearly bankrupted it and the important role failure has to play in solving problems. With numerous practical examples this session will help you understand the future operating environment and ask better questions to solve challenges which are very different to what they were pre-covid’

  • Ian Wright (Founder and CEO of Disruptive Innovators Network)

    Ian Wright

    Founder and CEO of Disruptive Innovators Network
Summit Closing