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Adam Slamang (Team Leader at Tan Academy of Balance Inc)

Adam Slamang

Team Leader at Tan Academy of Balance Inc

I am Adam Slamang, one of the first graduates from Dr. Sonia Tan’s Balance System Acupuncture program at Langara College in Vancouver BC. I have been practicing since 2020 in Charlottetown PEI. Outside of acupuncture I like to think of myself having an entrepreneurial spirit and am always thinking of business ideas to keep me busy and ways to incorporate acupuncture and Balance System into other aspects of my life.

Jill Wone (Team Leader at Tan Academy of Balance Inc)

Jill Wone

Team Leader at Tan Academy of Balance Inc

TAB Team Leader and Teacher-In-Training.

I’m Jillian Wone, a proud graduate of Cohort 2! I was lead to Balance Acupuncture after I had a community acupuncture treatment and was very interested in the way the acupuncturist knew, intuitively, where to needle. She was also using points that I NEVER used and I wanted to know why? Balance Acupuncture totally transformed my practice. THIS is what we should learn in school to be able to practice with efficacy.

Balance System Acupuncture has given me the confidence to know what to do almost all of the time, and that what I do is actually of measurable benefit to the patient.

I’m practicing Acupuncture in a way that resonates with and makes deep sense to me. That is such a huge gift. I’m looking forward to helping pass that on!