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The Embassy of Canada, in conjunction with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Lao PDR, the British Business Group in Lao PDR, the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR, the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Civitas Co., Ltd are proud to declare the inaugural Lao PDR Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards open for submissions.

The CSR Awards was conceived at the 2021 Laos Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) Forum, and will be presented at the 2022 Laos RBC Forum which is scheduled for 18 February 2022 to mark World CSR Day. We are calling for submissions that show creativity, sensitivity, inclusivity and especially embedded local practice under the theme of "Encouraging Environmental Excellence".

Environmental Excellence is topical because in 2022, governments from around the world will adopt a high-level political declaration on the environment marking 50 years since the creation of the UN Environment Programme. Climate change is an urgent global matter. Businesses have a prime responsibility towards the environment and it isn't just businesses with high levels of CO2 emissions that need to start changing their practices. The good news is that, organizations around the world are becoming more aware of their role and today many companies undertake environmental sustainability not just as a legal obligation, but as a business opportunity and moral imperative.

This contest will showcase CSR Award winners who role-model Environmental Excellence in Laos and help to inform best practices for broader business community and Government stakeholder consideration and uptake. We know there are some outstanding Laos-based CSR examples and this is our chance to elevate their profile and recognize their ingenuity!

CSR Awards Objectives

  • Support Lao government efforts to attract and promote quality investment.
  • Give heightened profile to the businesses that promote and adopt CSR measures.
  • Sensitise the Lao Business Community to CSR and international best practices.
  • Encourage the Lao Business Community to implement CSR initiatives.
  • Give role models, and set trends, for the Lao Business Community that is looking to implement CSR initiatives.

CSR Awards Categories

  1. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (up to 25 employees)
  2. Larger Enterprises (25 and more employees)