Registration Opens (Palisades Lobby)

Registration is open from 11:00AM to 5:00PM on Wednesday, October 4.

Immersive Workshops

Attendees can choose one of four immersive workshops or the hotel activity to receive a more hands-on, individualized learning experience that explores a particular topic, features advice and tutorials from experts, and fosters relationships with other organizations. The four immersive workshops are:
1. "Optimizing Your Organization's Income Mix" - Palisades G (For full details, view the "Build" Track)
2. "Foundations of Community Engagement" - Palisades H (For full details, view the "Grow" Track)
3. "Technological Tools and Strategies to Enhance Operations for small businesses" - Palisades C (For full details, view the "Own" Track)
4. "Stories that Echo: The Power of Telling to Truly be Heard" - Palisades B (For full details, view the "Thrive" Track)

Evening Reception & Membership Gathering (The Plaza)

Join us for a light reception to network with conference attendees. During the reception, SCACED members and potential members can gather to learn about relevant updates and discussion items from SCACED and its network of members.

Make plans to eat dinner in Myrtle Beach afterwards!

Registration Opens

Registration is open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM on Thursday, October 5.

Breakout Session I

Four Session Tracks:
1. "Show Me to the Money: Innovative Affordable Housing Projects" - Palisades G (For full details, view the "Build" Track)
2. "Community Gardens Build Communities" - Palisades H (For full details, view the "Grow" Track)
3. "The Partnership Model: Together We Can" - Palisades C (For full details, view the "Own" Track)
4. "Advancing Food is Medicine Strategies Through the SC Food Policy Council" - Palisades B (For full details, view the "Thrive" Track)

Breakout Session II

Four Session Tracks:
1. "Started from the Bottom... NOW WE'RE HERE!" - Palisades G (For full details, view the "Build" Track)
2. “Capacity Building Tools to Impact Civic Engagement in Local Decision Making” - Palisades H (For full details, view the "Grow" Track)
3. "Labor Market Information in South Carolina" - Palisades C (For full details, view the "Own" Track)
4. "Aligning Food Policies and Practices in Rural Communities" - Palisades B (For full details, view the "Thrive" Track)

Success Panel Luncheon presented by TD Bank
John Simpkins

The Success Panel Luncheon will feature first-hand testimonials from individuals who received services from SCACED member organizations. Former clients will share their personal experiences and successes with working with each of the organizations, followed by a time to reflect on how community development organizations can better serve the communities where we work. This luncheon will feature stories of impact and personal progress, reminding us of the humanity and real-life experience we strive to create through our work and mission.

  • John Simpkins (President at MDC Inc.)

    John Simpkins

    President at MDC Inc.
Roundtable Discussions (Palisades G, H, C, B)

Attendees will have the opportunity to network and connect with each other while discussing their key takeaways from the keynote luncheon. The roundtable discussions provide the opportunity for attendees to reflect on the work left to be done and actionable steps we can take to work together towards future progress. These discussions are an excellent resource for collaboration, reflection, and networking.

Afternoon Networking with Exhibitors
Breakout Session III

Four Session Tracks:
1. "Conquering Video Content to Promote Your Mission" - Palisades G (For full details, view the "Build" Track)
2. "Community Development Through the Preservation of African American Heritage Sites" - Palisades H (For full details, view the "Grow" Track)
3. "Developing the Entrepreneurial Ecosytem" - Palisades C (For full details, view the "Own" Track)
4. "Eat Local - Live Longer" - Palisades B (For full details, view the "Thrive" Track)

Dinner and Dancing Reception

Join us for an evening of dinner, music, and dancing.

Registration Opens

Registration is open from 8:00AM to 12:30PM on Friday, October 6.

Load Tour Buses
Community Tours and Hotel Activity
Jerry Blassingame

Attendees can choose to attend one of the three community tours below or the hotel activity. The two tour sites are:

1. Habitat for Humanity Horry County
Attendees can tour Futrell Park to learn how neighbors and community members of Horry County are seeking to make a change. The vision of this park is to have a centralized gathering spot where members of the community can participate in a community development project by bringing different generations together for the goal of playing, relaxing, and connecting with one another. By coming to Futrell Park, attendees will interact with community leaders of Habitat for Humanity of Horry County to understand the process and power of community engagement.

2. Downtown Redevelopment
This tour focuses on the partnership between the Myrtle Beach Downtown Alliance and the City of Myrtle Beach, and the historical footnotes located here in Horry County. First, attendees will visit Charlie’s Place, a former African American nightclub and historical and cultural landmark where early Motown performers such as Little Richard, Billie Holiday, and Duke Ellington brought their music among many others. In modern day, Charlie’s Place offers four business incubator unites for rent to entrepreneurs. Next, attendees will travel to the Myrtle Beach Colored School & Education Center to engage and understand the historic and racial context within the local community. Lastly, attendees will depart to the Train Depot, a revitalized focal point of downtown Myrtle beach, which is being utilized as a beautiful attraction for community projects.

3. Dixon Farms
Take a 45-minute journey to Aynor, SC with a fourth-generation farmer, English Warren Dixon, to learn of his family’s 6 generational African American farm success. Leaders in South Carolina agricultural industry, the Dixon family has partnered with the USDA to work diligently within their community by utilizing farmers markets, loan programs, and community officials. By exploring their success story, you can immerse yourself into the life of a generational South Carolina farmer.

3. Hotel Activity
"Reentry Simulation: Walk in the Shoes of Individuals Just Released from Prison"
Speaker: Jerry Blassingame
Find out firsthand the realities and challenges of Reentry by attending a Reentry Simulation hosted by Soteria Community Development Corporation. You will receive the profile of an individual upon release from prison and then navigate through the various requirements, realities, and challenges that individuals typically face. By experiencing these complex obstacles and barriers, we not only gain visibility into the individual’s perspectives but also discover innovative ways to help these individuals succeed. Following the simulation, participants will discuss their experience participating in the simulation and learn more about the work of Soteria CDC.

  • Jerry Blassingame (Executive Director of Soteria Community Development Corporation)

    Jerry Blassingame

    Executive Director of Soteria Community Development Corporation
Closing Keynote Luncheon & Awards Ceremony presented by Wells Fargo
Tom Barkin

Tom Barkin, President & CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, will deliver keynote remarks during a luncheon that will close with honoring one individual and one organization for the 2023 Ike Williams Award for Civic Leadership and the Mother Emanuel Nine Award for Economic & Social Justice.

  • Tom Barkin (President & CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)

    Tom Barkin

    President & CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond