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Full Member of the Institute shall be persons who possess a recognised Degree in Landscape Architecture and who have been a Graduate of the Institute for a minimum of 3 consecutive years and/or who have satisfied the Council of their relevant, varied experience in the practice of Landscape Architecture in the manner as set out in the Institute's Constitution,

OR who are fully qualified and practising members of an International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) recognised Landscape Architectural Institute and have been professionally engaged in the practice of Landscape Architecture in Singapore for at least 1 year.

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-Registration Fee:    $200 + 7% GST = $214

-Administration Fee:$100 + 7% GST = $107

-Annual Fee/

 Annual Renewal Fee:$200 + 7% GST=$214

 Total $500 + 7% GST = $535 before 30th June/$450 + 7% GST = $ 481.50 after 30 June within the year) 


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