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This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Jul 31st
This membership is for individuals only
  • Maintenance of membership
  • Annual subscription: A full member shall maintain his or her membership by paying a subscription fee of R906-00 (VAT inclusive) annually in advance for the year 1 August to 31 July.
  • Continued professional development (CPD): A member shall comply with the Institute's CPD requirements in terms of the Institute's CPD policy to maintain the status of full membership. Please click here to view the CPD policy.


A full member shall be entitled to using the appellation MIFM after his or her name, on condition that:

  • the member's subscription is up to date or arrangements have been made for payment thereof with the Institute. Should payment not be received by the Institute within three months of the commencement of the subscription year, a member's status shall revert to affiliate membership;
  • the member complies with the Institute's CPD requirements; and
  • the member has not been suspended or expelled in terms of the Charter for contravening the Institute's Charter or Code of Conduct.

Benefits of full membership

A full member shall be entitled to the following membership benefits:

  • making use of the Institute's examinations
  • participating in training workshops for general financial markets education with the appropriate discount relevant to this class of membership
  • attending conferences with the appropriate discount relevant to this class of membership
  • receiving the Institute's online magazine, advertisements for positions in the financial markets and any other newsletters that the Institute may issue
  • participating in any other activities that the Institute may offer to further its main objectives, including continued professional development (CPD) initiatives
  • attending and voting at the annual general meeting.
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