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Expediting Member $10,000,001 M +
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Dec 31st
This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

Expediting Member $10,000,0001 M + in annual revenue as of December 31st:

TEANA continues to become a stronger presence within the Expediting industry. The prestige of being affiliated with the leading transportation expediting industry association is enhanced with TEANA's membership criteria and review process and the establishment of an arbitration committee to resolve inter-company issues. There are many benefits to being a member of TEANA including inter-trade, purchasing, advertising, recognition, and many others.

Expediting Membership

Membership Categories:

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Expediting Members include brokers, freight suppliers, direct air carriers, and other non-asset companies which expedite

 $1,500 annual dues (Under $10,000,000 in revenue)

$2,500 annual dues ($10,000,001 + in revenue)

* Prorated dues for new membership applicants who apply later in the year.

Once your application has been approved an invoice with a payment link will be emailed.


  1. In business for at least 2 years.
  2. MC & DOT for at least 2 years.
  3. Applicants warrant that all vehicles,whether owned or leased, are insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence in BI & PD coverage and cargo insurance of $100,000 per occurrence with coverage coextensive to common carrier liability.
  4. Must abide by Map-21 brokerage and freight forwarder guidelines, notifying all parties to transactions before shipments are handled through broker or forwarder affiliates.
  5. Certificates of Insurance and Scheduled Autos need to be sent to from your Insurance Company.
  6. Have a minimum Credit Score requirement of 85.
  7. Must sign a pledge to adhere to the Association's Code of Ethics. Those who refuse to abide by the Code of Ethics are not permitted to join.
  8. Must agree to abide by all U.S. state and federal laws and regulations and if applicable, Canadian laws and regulations.

Any company that does not meet these TEANA Guidelines will be denied Membership. All members will be audited yearly to ensure continued fulfillment of the requirements above.

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