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Founding Member
This is a 12-month membership
This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

Key benefits for Founding Members include four fundamental elements:

  1. A permanent seat on the SPACE-ISAC Board of Directors, provided that all Founding Member membership dues are current and paid. This will ensure the opportunity to lead and shape the direction of the SPACE- ISAC on an ongoing and continuous basis.
  2. Open lines of communication with federal agencies and government officials. This provides a voice in the space community. Visibility and exclusivity in government led meetings. Founding Members have a spokesperson within SPACE-ISAC with the ability to attend such meetings.
  3. Publicity and prominent displays of logos and brand recognition across various platforms, including Space ISAC website, newsletter, trade shows and stylized signature blocks.
  4. Leadership and Credibility which signals the Founding Members' commitment to addressing protection of space assets from design through deployment in the space domain. In addition, this points out that space asset protection is more than a cybersecurity issue.

Founding members will be viewed as leaders in the space sector community.

This role signals a commitment to protecting space assets in the space domain and connects back to the mission of the SPACE-ISAC. 

Founding Members receive the following:

Number of Secure Portal Accounts: 25 

Value of Space Summit co-hosted by The Aerospace Corporation Attendance: 10 passes 

Access to Critical Industry Reports: Yes 

Training: Free 

Access to Analyst Working Group: Yes 

Access to Member Surveys: Yes 

Access to Member Directory: Yes 

Total Due:$ 0