About Us

The Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) is a not-for-profit association of international schools worldwide promoting exemplary school leadership and research-based, effective, and innovative educational practices. As an autonomous organization,
AAIE was legally incorporated in 1966 with a mandate to further and continuously improve international education and cultural understanding across independent overseas schools. AAIE serves a diverse global community, providing leadership development across the ever-changing and expanding spectrum of educational programming initiatives and issues.

Through weekly programming, annual gatherings, and ongoing outreach, we connect together ideas, perspectives, success stories, member expertise, and thought leaders from around the globe. AAIE promotes and communicates current educational research, teaching and learning practices, best-in-class trends, and change leadership to promote continuously improving and future-ready schools. From the very beginning, and even more necessary and true today, AAIE is the worldwide organization that connects school leaders to a vast array of resources, new ideas, and opportunities serving as a disruptive influence and change agent to ensure the viability, integrity, and future of overseas international schools. With the executive home office in Princeton, NJ, AAIE brings people, ideas, cultural understanding, and values together where everyone learns, benefits, and belongs.