About Us

You’ve been an active member of your local EO chapter. You’ve seen what EO can do for you, but what comes next? The next stage means access to larger pools of resources, joining a more diverse and influential network of entrepreneurs, new learning, new influences, and a larger impact.

This is abf. Your next stage of life.

We believe in learning through personal stories and teachable moments that go beyond the destination to leave a life-altering impression on our members. abf meetings are curated to broaden horizons and inspire with deeply personal experiences. Find your tribe, foster unique connections and celebrate diversity in networking. Our members are at the height of their careers and looking for what’s next in their stories. abf is the missing piece of the puzzle, a rendezvous of like-minded individuals with the same drive and vision.

Through abf, uncover your true calling and open up to the world through someone else's lens. By leading for good and impacting communities, you can live life fully and transcend beyond where you currently are. abf membership is by invitation only, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a privilege.