Today's beer brewers and importers operate in a competitive marketplace and a complex policy environment. As the unifying force in promoting beer industry interests since 1862, the Beer Institute helps brewers, importers, suppliers, and allies operate freely and grow responsibly in today's challenging legislative, regulatory and legal environment.

The Beer Institute employs a full-time advocacy and public affairs team that knows how and when to bring the most pressing legislative issues impacting you, as a member of the beer economy, to key members of Congress.

Leveraging our industry knowledge, the Beer Institute team gathers, analyzes, and distributes information to deliver the latest insight into industry news and trends through our flagship products (Brewers Almanac, Packaging Mix, Domestic Tax Paid, Import/Export reports, Beer Serves America Study, etc.).

In addition to its traditional advocacy work, the Beer Institute hosts high-level industry networking events and other occasions for its members to meet with lawmakers in Washington (various happy hours, events on Capitol Hill, Annual Membership Meeting, Hill Climb, advisory committees, and industry coalitions).

More than ever, brewers and their allies must join together to communicate to policymakers, opinion leaders, and the media the facts about the industry, its issues, and the value that business owners like you provide to your communities.