About Us

Established in 2002, Housing Diversity Network (HDN) is a social enterprise that supports housing sector organisations to improve how they address inequality, foster work environments that attract and retain high quality staff, and meet the needs of the communities they work with. We have over 160 member organisations across the country.

We support organisations, individuals and communities to address inequality and embrace diversity, provide advice and practical guidance to the sector and ensure that ED&I has a high profile. We provide training and mentoring for staff, boards and customers; run practitioner groups on equalities; undertake document review and award our Diversity Network Accreditation (DNA).

Events in recent years have brought back to the surface on an international and personal scale the depth of inequality, and the impact that this has across the globe - particuarly regarding race and ethnicity, but also for disabled and LGBTQ+ communities. There is an urgent and pressing need to create greater awareness through exploration, training and dialogue within our organisations and with tenants, and we are here to help.