The IFS Community Café is a multi-faced membership. This membership is offering therapists and practitioners a safe and secure place to connect, practice, reach out and through that grow within themselves and as a professional.

By supporting therapists and practitioners to grow personally and professionally in the IFS model we hope to make the world a more compassionate place.

  • IFS Community Cafe Founding Level 1
    12 months
    Package price

    We're so grateful for your support that on top of the 8 month membership program you're signing up for, we are giving you 4 additional months full membership for free!

    This community membership program, offers monthly facilitated practice groups and a monthly rotation of Case Discussion, Demo/Role play, and Q&A.Additionally, we're opening the doors to our Virtual Cafe once a month, where you can just show up and meet whoever is there as you would at your own local cafe, or you can host a themed/topic table for your fellow members. We're also giving you access to this private social networking platform (like Facebook) designed to keep you connected and informed with the news feed and many other social networking features.

    As a founding member, you are special! You teach us how to best serve you. Your experience matters to us and we want to create the community that you need. In exchange for your feedback, we offer you this membership for the lowest price it will ever be (below cost price).

    If you prefer to pay us in monthly installments, send us an email at:

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