About Us

JCI Kelowna is a group of young active citizens who strive to grow as individuals while positively impacting our community, Kelowna, BC.

JCI Kelowna is affiliated with Junior Chamber International (JCI); a worldwide federation of young leaders, between the ages of 18-40. The organization has been referred to as the premier leadership development organization for young people, and being a member of JCI Kelowna allows you to gain access to national and international opportunities.

JCI Kelowna has a decorated history dating back to 1935 as one of Kelowna's premier community service groups. Over the last 80 years, thousands of young men and [as of Jan 2016] women in Kelowna have been a part of a dynamic group that has given them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, and more importantly, have an avenue to give back to the community.