KATA Membership connects you with other Travel Agents, Local and International Travel Industry Partners and gives you access to benefits that help you pursue professional knowledge, advance in your career, and lead with professionalism and ethics. KATA Membership is the mark of confidence for your customer that they are dealing with an accredited travel agent.

Working as One to Raise Industry Standards

Connect with Travel mavericks in Kenya and internationally dedicated to shaping a travel industry that serves the greater good.

Our members have increasingly become a go to source of information for many travelers who rely on their insights to make daily travel decisions. By pursuing professional knowledge, placing travelers' interests above their own, and leading the travel industry with honesty, integrity, professionalism, and transparency, they drive the growth and professionalization of the travel trade in Kenya and in turn benefit society.

Reach Your Goals with Our Resources

No matter the size and age on your travel agency, KATA Membership helps members achieve your goals with access to Business resources and linkages, mentorship and professional learning opportunities, and networking events. Your membership connects you with like-minded professionals in the travel industry.

Benefits Tailored to Unlock Potential

Members from a wide range of the travel ecosystem expand their expertise with our resources and support.

  1. Networking
  2. Professional Development and Learning
  3. Build customer trust
  4. Advocacy

This Is Your Professional Community

Whether you're just starting your own travel agency or have been in the industry for a long-time, or somewhere in between, we are dedicated to helping you advance your business and drive confidence in the travel profession to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Membership Benefits

  1. Promotion and protection of the interests of KATA and its members.
  2. Communicating the concerns of members and to lobby government, public and private sector for actions.
  3. Acting on behalf of members in discussions and negotiations on industry specific issues.
  4. Continuously review and appraise the needs of Members so as to provide them with meaningful services and benefits.
  5. Promotion of the highest code of ethical and professional Standards of members in their dealings with consumers and each other.
  6. Facilitation of access to innovative and Industry driven financial and risk management services.
  7. Facilitation of access to training, information and promotional materials for members in a way that promotes their effective participation in the Industry.
  8. Networking with other bodies or organizations with similar business at both national and international level, and to leverage the relationships arising out of these alignments for the benefit of its members.
  9. Continuously creating awareness of the KATA brand and value.
  10. Providing a platform to discuss individual challenges related to the industry.
  11. Providing information of new products, services and technology in the Industry.
  12. Providing exposure to the members through the Travel Guide and Website.
  13. Providing an amicable dispute resolution platform for all.
  14. Providing guidance and assistance when dealing with IATA related issues.
  15. Free listing in the travel guide and website.
  16. Members are subjected to a weekly newsletter with industry news.
  17. Members receive regular circulars with industry updates and information.
  18. Members are eligible to access tenders which require KATA membership.
  19. Right to serve and vote for Executive Committee, and service on sub- Committee (IATA agents only).