About Us

Mongoose Power Solutions LLC is an onsite power industry advocate and a dedicated diesel fuels specialist service provider that focuses solely on emergency power systems (generators / fire pumps / boilers). As an advocate, Mongoose works diligently to bridge the gaps between independent service providers, manufacturers, regulatory agencies and end users through education and training.

The Mongoose Diesel Fuel Specialists division ensures the reliability and operability of long-term stored diesel fuel that supplies the power to emergency power systems (generators / fire pumps / boilers). The funds generated through this work goes directly to support the advocacy and educational efforts provided by Mongoose Power Solutions. Advocacy efforts include participation in national, regional and local industry-related associations as well as hosting annual conferences and networking opportunities.

Education and training are offered through the OnSite Power Academy, founded in 2021 by Mongoose Power to address the critical need for trained generator technicians. Learn more about Mongoose Power Solutions at www.mongoosepowersolutions.com and visit the first full-time, independent generator training facility of its kind at www.OnsitePowerAcademy.com.