About Us

The S-Group is an elite, subscription-based, business networking group. Over 2,500 members from all over the world are currently able to leverage our premium platform – with 90 unique group channels that connect top leaders and prominent figures across various industries and disciplines. We are entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, creatives and sports professionals.

Members are invested in helping one another succeed – unlocking and creating invaluable new networks and opportunities. The S-Group’s growth is driven by both organic connections and through our ability to strategically develop relationships that serve our members.

Our group channels are an exceptional resource for direct access to influential contacts, seasoned advice and insights, business opportunities, and trusted referrals.

Our community serves to accelerate the endeavours of our members, and we strive to expand the networth of each member’s network.

The world runs on relationships, and meaningful, lasting relationships are established right here at the S-Group because we do business and life together.