We are excited to have you as a member of the SEUG - QAD Southeastern User Group!

Any company which licenses QAD software can join the Southeastern User Group as a Member Company. Those businesses who are QAD Business Partners, those who provide consulting, training, or third-party software related to QAD applications may join the User Group as Associate Members. Choose the Corporate tab below.

The SEUG also has a membership category for Individuals - for independent consultants and/or those in transition to employment at a Regular member company. Choose the Individual tab below.

Member Benefits

In addition to valuable education and networking opportunities through our bi-annual conferences,

SEUG also offers members the following benefits:

  • Member Discounts to all SEUG sponsored events
  • Quarterly Newsletter for updates on user group activities/events, product news, and more
  • Access to conference papers and handouts
  • Member Directory for up-to-date industry contacts
  • FREE Job Postings on the SEUG Job Board
  • Networking & access to end user referral services
  • Individual Members
    12 months
    Package price

    Individual Members are independent consultants or those in transition who desire to work for a company that licenses software produced by QAD, Inc and is or will become a Regular Member or Associate member. Individual Members cannot act as an employment agent or work with a headhunter for the purpose of recruiting individuals for employment to other companies. Individual Membership is limited to 2 consecutive annual terms and the Individual Member must convert their membership to either a Regular Member or Associate Member by the end of the 2-year term. If the Individual Member has not become a Regular Member or Associate Member by the end of the second full year of Individual Membership, the Individual Members' membership will be determined at the discretion of the Board. If the Individual Member moves to either a Regular Member or Associate Member, and leaves employment to become independent, that individual may apply for Individual Membership again and the term limit is reset. Individual Members shall not be included in equity distributions should the Association be dissolved per Article X.