SIXTOP makes it effortless to be social and develop new, local friendships.

We organize communal dining tables for neighbors at local, high-quality restaurants. Members simply reserve space at a SIXTOP dining event planned exclusively for their community and then show up to meet new people over dinner. There's no swiping, profiles, or hassles to deal with.

It's a perfect, low-pressure way to be social, build new relationships, and enjoy great food in your community, with no work — whether you're out alone or with a friend, partner, or spouse.

  • CORE Membership
    3 months
    Package price

    CORE membership at SIXTOP makes it effortless to develop new, local friendships — whether socializing as an individual or with a spouse, partner, or friend.

    Key benefits include:

    • The ability to attend an unlimited number of events exclusive to your community
    • The ability to reserve up to two (2) complimentary spots at each event
    • Access to event-specific digital communities
    • New member discount applied automatically, so you pay little more than the price of a latte!