Thank you for your interest in joining The Kidpreneur Club! We are 501(c)(3) Nonprofit serving the Tampa Bay area, with a mission to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

This Membership is for young entrepreneurs, ages 6-16, that would like to sell their own products and services at our Children's Business Fairs throughout the community. All of our event registrations, payments, and vendor details will be within this platform, so applying for a membership is the first step in becoming a Kidpreneur with us.

PLEASE NOTE that all of our events are meant to be child-led. We would like the product/services to be done by the child with as little adult help as possible and that the child is the one communicating with customers and answering questions about their business. Yes, parents will probably need to help with making change or accepting digital payments, but please let the Kidpreneur take charge unless you really need to assist.

How to apply as a Kidpreneur:

  • We highly suggest creating an email address for your Kidpreneur's business if you haven't already. Please use the business email address for the membership.
  • PLEASE USE THE KIDPRENEUR'S NAME AS THE MEMBER NAME. If you have multiple children in the same business, please use the OLDEST child's name as the member. There is a spot later in the application for a parent name and phone number, as well as optional "Child 2" and "Child 3" info.
  • Please submit one application for each business. Children working as a group should submit one application that includes each child's information. No more than 3 participants per business.

What is on the application?

The application asks kids to think through some simple, but important elements of their business:

  • What product or service do you plan to sell?
  • What price will you charge for each product/service? How much will each product/service cost you?
  • How will you pay for your startup costs? If someone is helping you with your startup costs, how will you pay that person back?
  • How will you advertise/market your business before the fair?
  • At the end of the fair, how will you determine if your business was a success?

How much does it cost to participate?

Your membership is FREE! You only pay for the individual vendor events that you want to attend within our platform, which are between $10-$25. One of our main priorities is to make sure EVERY child has an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship and learn the valuable lessons it can teach; So if finances are an obstacle in participating, please email us at and we will arrange a sponsorship.

  • Kidprenuer Membership
    12 months
    Package price

    Thank you for creating your Membership Profile with The Kidpreneur Club!

    Please use the KIDPRENEUR'S NAME (or oldest child's name if there are multiple children in the same business) as the primary contact info as they are the "business owner." We highly suggest using an email address that is specifically for their "business/company" so they have accountability and a professional presence as their business grows.