The Nova is a membership community dedicated to reshaping the narrative of influence for professional women, guiding you to a future where authenticity, purpose, and growth intertwine harmoniously. We are a global movement that unites women from every corner of the globe, igniting a revolution of holistic excellence, bold authenticity, and collective empowerment.

The Virtual Membership is available to all women regardless of location. Our vision is to have multiple Local Constellations in every state in the US and around the world so you have the community you desire right out your front door.

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    The Nova Corporate Memberships offer a transformative approach to professional development and wellness for your team. Designed to empower and inspire, our memberships provide access to a global community of ambitious, soul-led women, fostering an environment of holistic excellence, bold authenticity, and collective empowerment. By joining The Nova, your organization gains access to exclusive events, workshops, and networking opportunities that prioritize both professional growth and personal well-being.

    Corporate memberships are tailor-made to support your team in achieving their highest potential, encouraging them to lead with confidence, innovate with purpose, and thrive in every aspect of their lives. Whether it's through participating in our thoughtfully curated virtual workshops, engaging with our vibrant online community, or attending local events that spark meaningful connections, The Nova equips your team with the tools and support they need to excel.

    Empower your team with The Nova Corporate Memberships and watch as they transform into more engaged, fulfilled, and effective leaders. Let's collaborate to create a culture of empowerment, growth, and success within your organization.