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  • Individual Membership
    12 months
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    Private Membership Lounge

    The Preservation Room is offered as a private membership opportunity to individuals and businesses. The tiered membership will offer exclusive access to amenities, events, and experiences curated for professional adults. 

    Preservation Room Membership - Exclusive access to The Charleston's Preservation Room with no blackout dates.

    Price $1,000 Annual/$500 spend per month.

    Here's what you get!

    Exclusive Access - Indulge in the allure of a genuine speakeasy experience within the hallowed halls of our historic 100-year-old building. Private membership unveils exclusive access to this hidden gem, where members can savor clandestine cocktails, steeped in the echoes of the past. Embrace the mystique of a bygone era, as the actual speakeasy becomes a secret rendezvous for those privileged enough to hold the key.

    Guests - Each member is allowed bring in 3 guests per day. However, we will allow you to make reservations in your name for friends, family or business associates without the member being present. 

    Wine/Whiskey Locker - $2,000 annual - Unlock the epitome of sophistication with our exclusive wine and whiskey lockers. Tailored for connoisseurs, these private sanctuaries allow members to store and savor their curated collections in a climate-controlled haven. Elevate your tasting experience as you delve into the world of fine spirits and wines, each locker telling a unique story of refined indulgence

    Craft Cocktails – Immerse yourself in the legacy of our historic 100-year-old building, where private membership unlocks a seasonal cocktail journey. Our craft cocktail artisans artfully blend history and innovation, presenting an evolving menu that mirrors the changing seasons. Members relish in the allure of timeless architecture while sipping on bespoke concoctions, creating unforgettable moments in this exclusive enclave.

    Wine - Embark on a vinous journey with our extensive wine list, meticulously curated to captivate every palate. From rare vintages to undiscovered gems, our collection celebrates the diversity of terroirs and flavors, ensuring that each glass tells a story of oenophilic excellence. Unveil a symphony of tastes as you explore the world of wine within the refined ambiance of our establishment.

    Whiskey – Within the historic embrace of our 100-year-old building, indulge in the artistry of whiskey with our meticulously curated list. Discover boutique distilleries, relish timeless classics, and savor highly allocated gems, all harmonizing within the venerable walls of our establishment. Elevate your spirits experience as the fusion of heritage and exceptional craftsmanship comes alive in every pour.

    Discounts – 25% on venue room rental only (2 events per year, excludes December)

    Pairings - Savor the symphony of flavors with our expertly crafted wine and whiskey pairings. Each combination is a harmonious dance of nuanced notes, allowing you to explore the intricate balance between the elegance of wine and the robust character of whiskey. Indulge in a sensory journey where every sip is a curated experience, enhancing the pleasure of your discerning palate.

    Live Entertainment – Enjoy sophisticated live music and entry for 2 to any of our ticketed events at The Charleston.

    Happy Hour – Join us for a delightful twist on happy hour – our complimentary food happy hour! Enjoy a complimentary selection of delectable bites paired with your favorite beverages. It's a time to unwind, socialize, and relish in the pleasure of exceptional company and culinary delights.