Welcome to The Spooners membership and community platform! Join forums, chat with neighbors, rsvp for upcoming events and get resources that can help you and your family, whether your need is food, education, business resources, or healthcare, we're excited to be able to support our community!

Our Community, Silver, Gold or Platinum Service Spoons, keep our community going and growing! As a Service Spoon, you are committed to serving your community and providing resources, access, support and love. You will receive logo and brand placement at all events and on marketing materials, plus opportunities to speak, present materials at an event booth, or host events at the Serving Spoon to support our community by providing the following.

  • Financial support: A monthly donation will be gifted to a new food vendor each month to support the purchase of raw materials, licenses, permits & other vendor fees. The goal is to give $500 to at least one business, each month.
  • Business resources: Monthly meetings or webinars will be offered to all food vendor applicants to receive information about available city and government resources.
  • Career coaching: Access to free career development resources, via partners like you, as well as access to schedule monthly 1-on-1 meetings with The Serving Spoon owners and alum.
  • Partnership opportunities: By partnering with The Serving Spoon and affiliated partners to host events, emerging local food vendors will receive an opportunity to test out their dishes and introduce their brands to The Spooner's community.
  • Silver Spooner
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    The Silver Spooner Membership is free to everyone in our community. Get access to events, discounts, and resources. 

  • Gold Spooners
    1 month
    Package price

    The Gold Spooners are loyal members who never miss an event and have made The Serving Spoon their home for life. We want to offer those members exclusive and first-look access to our most exciting opportunities and activities. This membership includes deeper discounts, private event entry, and more!

  • Platinum Spooners
    1 month
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    Platinum Spooners are our VIP members who receive:

    • One free meal per month
    • VIP access to all events
    • Discounts on merch and swag
    • Free Spooners coffee mug with free refills forever