About Us

USRA is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to serving its members nationwide.
USRA offers money saving benefits and services along with networking opportunities for the Footwear & Apparel Industries. We are in business to help your business. Our goal is to help you run your business in a more profitable manner.

By joining the USRA you join more than just an organization — you join a community.

Networking and uniting the Footwear Industry is another goal. USRA works to promote networking in all aspects of the industry. Not just Retailer to Vendor, but also Retailer to Retailer and Vendor to Vendor as well. To help achieve the networking goals, once a year, the USRA puts together an outstanding and unique Educational Seminar. The USRA May Event is the only Event of its kind in the Shoe Industry.

The purpose of the Event is to not only offer incredible Educational Speakers & ideas, but to also bring Retailers and Vendors together, to better the shoe industry as a whole. In addition to Education & Networking, many Vendors offer discounts on any orders written at this amazing three day Event!! So as you can see, the May Event has a lot to offer.

We hope that after reviewing all that the USRA has to offer, you will join our community.