WIMA is focused on improving gender balance and diversity on boards and in leadership roles in line with the international benchmark for sustainable business practices and Goals 5 & 10 of the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG 2030). To achieve this aim, we are fostering a network that supports women on their board and leadership journey.

To this end, we have inaugurated a WIMA membership network and on behalf of women in management Africa (WIMA), we would like you to be part of our WIMA network. This offer of membership is in line with our strategic goal and plans to foster a network of women who we will support in their growth and development of their careers and in the work they do within the community.

This membership offer is borne out of the high demand from our community. Our community consists of women business leaders that are currently leading and/or serving on boards of public and private companies, corporations, not-for-profit boards as well as women who are working towards becoming board-ready. Our community have a broad range of skills and expertise in diverse industry sectors including financial services, technology, development sector, professional services, retail, consumer, mining, healthcare and fin-tech.