WIPA is an association for leading wedding professionals in North America and soon around the world. Our mission is to provide industry leading education for our members, produce inspirational networking events and advance the ethical standards of the wedding industry.

  • Individual Elite Membership
    1 year
    Package price
    $350 / €320

    Elite memberships are owned by an individual and can travel with that person from business to business. Or, more generally, these are for small businesses. This level of this membership ($350) includes one membership. Elite Memberships are not transferable. You can upgrade this membership to Corporate, but then it cannot leave that business.

  • Young Leader Membership
    12 months
    Package price
    $275 / €250

    Young Leader memberships are owned by an individual. They are designed for potential members in the industry for under 3 years. This level of membership ($275) includes one membership. Membership is not transferrable. You can upgrade this membership to Corporate or Elite.