We at SwissCham Philippines welcome all Philippine companies who are currently engaged in business and/or trade – or those who would like to pursue opportunities with Switzerland. Likewise, we very much welcome Swiss and foreign-registered companies interested to pursue Philippine-Swiss business and trade.

Our membership represents a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, software development, pharmaceutical, fast-moving consumer goods, logistics, hospitality, retail, finance, technology, realty, construction, and trade and professional services. This is the Chamber's strength, with our range and scope cutting across sectors to help further the growth of Philippine-Swiss business collaboration.

Our advocacies for business and communities complement our services for our members that ensure a collective purpose. We look forward to expanding our membership to businesses interested to: initiate and maintain links with Switzerland; gain a foothold in both the Philippine and Swiss markets; and, participate in making a sustained Philippine-Swiss impact in the ASEAN region and wider Europe.

  • Regular Corporate
    12 months
    Package price

    Companies, Business Organizations and Enterprises duly registered and qualified to do business in the Philippines and /or Switzerland with an annual revenue of more than CHF 10 million or Php 550 million.