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  • Paul Blomerus, PhD (Executive Director of Clear Seas)

    Paul Blomerus, PhD

    Executive Director of Clear Seas

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  • Elisabeth Charmley (Executive Director of Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate)

    Elisabeth Charmley

    Executive Director of Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate

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  • Joe Carey, BSW (ILA Pier Counselor at Allied Trades Assistance Program)

    Joe Carey, BSW

    ILA Pier Counselor at Allied Trades Assistance Program

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  • Matt Dickinson (Sustainability Director of Fenix Marine Services)

    Matt Dickinson

    Sustainability Director of Fenix Marine Services

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  • Jeff Lyth (QSP Leadership)

    Jeff Lyth

    QSP Leadership

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  • Bonnie Nixon, M.Ed, PhD Candidate (Long Beach Container Terminal)

    Bonnie Nixon, M.Ed, PhD Candidate

    Long Beach Container Terminal

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  • Mike Outland (General Manager of Labor Relations and EHS (Safety) Departments at Pacific Crane Maintenance Company, The Pacific Companies)

    Mike Outland

    General Manager of Labor Relations and EHS (Safety) Departments at Pacific Crane Maintenance Company, The Pacific Companies

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  • Angus Reid

    Angus Reid

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  • Ken Serviss, CEAP, QSAP (Executive Director of Allied Trades Assistance Program)

    Ken Serviss, CEAP, QSAP

    Executive Director of Allied Trades Assistance Program

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  • Richard Steele (Chief Executive Officer at ICHCA International)

    Richard Steele

    Chief Executive Officer at ICHCA International

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  • Jessica Stone (Director - Office of Regulatory Analysis - Safety at DOL OSHA)

    Jessica Stone

    Director - Office of Regulatory Analysis - Safety at DOL OSHA

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  • Roselynn Verwoord, PhD (Educational Consultant at Roselynn Verwoord Educational Consulting Services Ltd; The University of British Columbia)

    Roselynn Verwoord, PhD

    Educational Consultant at Roselynn Verwoord Educational Consulting Services Ltd; The University of British Columbia

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  • Adam Zellner (Greener by Design)

    Adam Zellner

    Greener by Design

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Presentations from NMSA 2023

TC Meeting Materials

National Maritime Safety Association

Technical Committee

Annual Summary - 2023

June 22, 2022

Miami, FL

The Biltmore Miami Coral Gables Hotel

In addition to our Speakers and Participants special thanks also:

Nick Johnson, SEFEA / TC Member

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

Lauren Brand, NAWE President &

Robert Murray incoming NAWE President

Heather Banikas (Ordonez), NAWE Director of Finance & Member Services

Jean Godwin, NAWE Senior Advisor

Meg Taft, Meg Taft Events

  • Joe Farley, Maher Terminals / NYSA, TC Chair
  • NMSA update

  • Frank Roig, Port of Miami COO
  • Protecting Soft Targets Against Terrorist Attacks

  • Heather Banikas (Ordonez), NAWE – Annual Meeting details update


  • Heather Banikas (Ordonez), NAWE regarding NMSA webpage redesign
  • Dave Turner, Yusen Terminals LLC / PMA, TC Vice Chairman
  • MACOSH update
  • Erick H.-Saia, GRT / PMTA, TC Recording Secretary
  • Heat illness prevention and response
  • Dave Turner, Yusen Terminals LLC / PMA, TC Vice Chairman
  • OTR Driver Safety Program Overview 2022
  • Mike Walling from Strata Worldwide
  • Erick H.-Saia, Greenwich Terminals LLC / PMTA, TC Recording Secretary
  • Hazardous Materials Sub-Committee update
  • John Esposito – Learning Teams
  • G.O.A.L.
  • ITAP
  • John Esposito – Humans Organizational Performance (HOP)
  • Sean Corbett from World Crane Services (Dubai, UAE)
  • Matt Hyler – Taylor Machine


Nov. 2 & 3, 2022

Houston, TX

Hosted inside the Houston Maritime Center and Museum

( Houston Maritime Center and Museum )

In addition to our Speakers and Presenters a special thanks also:

Adam Brooks, Ceres / WGMA – TC Member

Marji Strohmer, WGMA

Chelsea Egmon, WGMA

Gena Alfafara, Ceres

Houston Maritime Center & Museum Staff

  • Jeff Davis, Port of Houston Chief Port Operations Officer: Opening comments
  • Stephanie Williams, TC Recording Secretary: SSA Marine / PMA
  • Warehouse Operations: Pulp Product Safety
  • Port Houston Fire Department: Captain William Buck
  • Sr. Captain & FD Training Officer James Pitts gave a tour of the Department's Fire
  • Boat and Station later in the afternoon.
  • US Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston
  • Captain Jason Smith, COTP, OIC Marine Inspection, FMSC, FOSC
  • Ron Signorino, TC Member: USMX
  • OSHA Injury Data Integrity
  • NAICS 488320
  • Non-marine cargo handling incidents included in industry statistics
  • Solomon Egbe, TC Member: Ports America / STA
  • MACOSH update
  • Dave Turner, TC Member: Yusen Terminals LLC / PMA
  • Environmental Update and Zero Emissions Equipment
  • Zach Walden, TC Member: HRSA
  • Water Rescue / Person in the Water EAP
  • Incident Command System
  • Solomon Egbe, TC Member: Ports America / STA
  • Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)
  • Richard Lubert, TC Member: Signal Administration
  • Emerging and Developing Technology (i.e., A.I., 3-D, V.R.)
  • Shayne Daum, TC Member: BCMEA
  • Transport Canada Interpretation: Vessel Holds as Confined Spaces
  • Qualified persons, atmospheric monitoring, training
  • Zach Walden, TC Member: HRSA
  • Electric Vehicles and Lithium-Ion Batteries as Cargo


  • Erick Saia, TC Chair: Greenwich Terminals LLC / PMTA
  • NMSA Video Sub-Committee update
  • ICHCA updates forwarded by Richard Steele, CEO - ICHCA
  • Erick Saia, TC Chair: Greenwich Terminals LLC / PMTA
  • NIOSH / National Occupational Research Agenda
  • Erick Saia, Greenwich Terminals LLC / PMTA
  • HazMat / DG Updates
  • Tour of the Houston Ship Channel aboard M/V Sam Houston (Sam Houston Boat Tour - Port Houston)


Feb. 21 & 23, 2023

Jacksonville, FL

Port of Jacksonville Cruise Terminal

In addition to our Speakers and Presenters a special thanks also:

Stephanie Williams (Bishop), SSA / PMA – TC Recording Secretary

Frank McBride, SSA Regional V.P.

Linda Williams, Jacksonville Port Authority / Chief, Administration & Corporate Performance

Jim Gray, Jacksonville Maritime Association / Executive Director

Officer Jennifer Bradshaw, CBP Area Port Director

Chief Keith Powers, Director/Fire Chief Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Dept.

Officer Gary Dickinson & Sgt. Mike Mitaly, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Frederick Wessling, Jacksonville Port Authority I.T. Director

  • Stephanie Williams (Bishop), SSA/PMA, TC Recording Secretary
  • Safety Minute: Pedestrian Lights
  • Safety changes resultant from Best Practices & observations vs. regulatory minimums or incidents
  • Nicholas Primrose, Chief of Regulatory Compliance, Jacksonville Port Authority:
  • Derrick Lewis, Director of Public Safety & Security, Jacksonville Port Authority:
  • Detective Charles Mayes of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office: Marine Unit & Dive Team
  • US Customs and Border Protection:
  • CBP Asst. Area Port Director David Dilland
  • CBP Supervisory Officer Ben Wilkerson
  • CBP Supervisory Agricultural Specialist Michael Vornhagen
  • US Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville:
  • LCDR Steven Lewis, Chief of Inspections
  • Lt. Kyle Burns, Chief of Investigations (Casualty reporting and US Merchant
  • Mariners Credentials)
  • Mr. David Barnes, USCG Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CSIA)
  • Battalion Chief Trace Barrow of Jacksonville Fire and Rescue
  • Alex Fairchild, Tote Services LNG Operations Manager
  • Bunkering Alternative Fuels (LNG) and Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS)
  • Zach Duffie, SSA Jacksonville Automotive Operations Manager
  • Autos- Electric Vehicles and Batteries
  • USCG Marine Safety Alert
  • Shayne Daum, BCMEA, TC Member
  • Training Philosophy and BCMEA Training Center
  • Vancouver Waterfront Training Center (WTC)
  • Jeff Brown, Fenix Marine Services/PMA, TC Co-Chair
  • Collision Avoidance Technologies
  • Alarms, lasers, sonar, cameras
  • Dave Turner, YTI/PMA, TC and Board member
  • MACOSH Update
  • Zach Walden, HRSA, TC Member
  • STS Crane Rescue
  • EAPs, AEDs, electrified crane hazards
  • Solomon Egbe – Ports America/ STA TC Member
  • Building Synergy between ESG and HSE in a High Performing Organization
  • Shayne Daum BCMEA TC Member
  • Safety II and Frontline Leadership Development
  • Joe Farley – Maher Terminals/ NYSA TC Member
  • NMSA Website







June 2023

Summary of Recent Maritime Related News

June 27, 2023 – NMSA


1.     WASH. Preproposal Statement of Inquiry - Voluntary Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The proposed rule would allow the voluntary use of PPE when workers feel the need to protect themselves from noise, dust, or possible infectious or contagious diseases.

2.     WASH. Bathroom access allowed for commercial truck drivers in Washington state.

3.     WASH. Washington state's ergonomics bill now law. H.B. 5217 will allow Washington L&I to implement and enforce measures aimed at reducing work-related musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. In 2003, voters in the state repealed ergonomics standards that went into effect in 2000. The new law is set to go into effect July 23.

4.     WASH. Proposed Rulemaking – Outdoor Heat Exposure.

5.     WASH. Wildfire Smoke. The purpose of this rulemaking is to address the hazards associated with wildfire smoke.

6.     CA CDPH. CDPH Issues Updated Order and Guidance Regarding COVID-19 and Its Effect on the Workplace.

7.     CalOSHA. California's Workplace Violence Bill Passes State Senate and Heads to Assembly.

8.     CalOSHA. California OSHA Indoor Heat Illness Standard Moves Forward in Standards Board Process.

9.     CalOSHA. Cal/OSHA COVID Regulation Transitions into "Non-Emergency" Form as State Emergency Ends. The final approved text made various changes to the regulation, and had a sunset of December 31, 2024. extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

10.  CalOSHA. New California Bill Aims to Require Cal/OSHA to Adopt General Industry Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations.

11.  CalOSHA. California Bill Seeks to Expand Cal/OSHA Jurisdiction to Domestic Workers.

12.  DOT. U.S. Department of Transportation Adopts Oral Fluid Testing for Regulated Drug and Alcohol Programs.

13.  EEOC. EEOC issues final COVID-19 workplace guidance. EEOC released its final, or "capstone," updated guidelines for employers in dealing with COVID-19 in a way that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal laws the EEOC enforces.

14.  FMC. ONE agrees to pay $1.7 million fine in detention/demurrage case.

15.  FMC. Maersk's subsidiary Hamburg Süd hit by largest FMC fine.

16.  FMC. ONE becomes latest carrier to drop per diem fees at closed US marine terminals.

17.  FMC-Congress. H.R.3395 - To direct the Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission to seek to enter into an agreement with a federally funded research and development center to evaluate foreign ownership of marine terminals at the 15 largest United States container ports, and for other purposes.

18.  FMC. Statement of Commissioner Carl W. Bentzel on the Release of the Maritime Transportation Data Initiative Recommendations.

19.  FMC. Terminals Can't Issue Detention Fees if Ports Closed.

20.  FMC-Congress. The "Ocean Shipping Competition Enforcement Act" (H.R.2710) was introduced by Representative John Garamendi (D-CA-08) and would allow the Federal Maritime Commission to block agreements among ocean carriers or marine terminal operators that are determined to be unreasonably anticompetitive without needing to first obtain a federal court order.

21.  GAO. Priority Open Recommendations: Department of Labor. In May 2023, GAO identified one additional priority recommendation for DOL, bringing the total number to 11.

22.  GAO. Coast Guard: Opportunities Exist to Strengthen Foreign Port Security Assessment Program.

23.  NHTSA. NHTSA puts cost of mandatory side underride guards at up to $1.2B. Federal regulators have estimated the annual cost to equip new truck trailers with side underride guards at up to $1.2 billion as the Biden administration takes the first step toward a potential requirement aimed at reducing crash fatalities.

24.  OSHRC. OSHA Fails to Prove Feasible, Effective Abatement for Excessive Heat Hazard, Commission Rules.

25.  OLMS. OLMS provides national and international unions with tools to assist their affiliates in meeting the reporting and financial integrity requirements of the LMRDA.

26.  OWCP. UPDATED LONGSHORE FORMS EFFECTIVE MARCH 8, 2023. Effective March 08, 2023, the forms listed below have been updated and are available in fillable format online on the Longshore website Forms page as outlined in the attached Industry Notice 197. 

27.  OSHA. 11th Circuit Vacates General Duty Clause Violation on Preemption Ground. The ruling may narrow OSHA's ability to cite employers for violating the OSH Act's general duty clause when the employer is otherwise in compliance with a more specific safety or health standard.

28.  OSHA. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is asking for stakeholder input on their current use of leading indicators and their impact on managing their safety and health management systems.

29.  OSHA. OSHA to hold public meeting June 15 to discuss modernizing, improving, expanding its Voluntary Protection Programs.

30.  OSHA. OSHA schedules meeting of Maritime Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health on May 24.

31.  OSHA. CPL 03-00-025 - National Emphasis Program – Falls.

32.  OSHA. OSHA's 2023 Regulatory Agenda Update.

33.  OSHA. OSHA Delivers Proposed Final (Amended) Electronic Recordkeeping Rule to the White House. The purpose of the proposed amendments is to restore (and expand) provisions of the E-Recordkeeping Rule that were rolled-back during the Trump Administration, particularly, the requirement for larger employers to submit to OSHA injury and illness data.

34.  OSHA. OSHA Initiates Rulemaking to Revive Union Participation in Inspections at Non-Union Workplaces.

35.   OSHA. Occupational Safety and Health Administration releases 2022 injury and illness data.

36.  OSHA. New OSHA Enforcement Standards Likely to Increase Penalties for Employers Receiving Citations for Workplace Safety Violations.

37.  OSHA-DOL. OSHA Needs to Better Address Complaints and Referrals for Increased Worker Safety. Report No. 02-23-001-10-105. extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

38.  OSHA. Change in Subpoena Rules. OSHA intends to implement an interim final rule to clarify how it uses subpoenas. The agency may compel businesses to hand over records or documents related to an investigation before a certain deadline.

39.  OSHA. Third Circuit Limits Employee Private Right of Action Under OSH Act. Third Circuit held in Doe v. Scalia that once the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has completed enforcement proceedings, an employee may not maintain a lawsuit under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

40.  OSHA-DOL. Semiannual Report to Congress, Volume 89 (October 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023). extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

41.  OSHA. Department of Labor announces enforcement guidance changes to save lives, target employers who put profit over safety. OSHA Regional Administrators and Area Office Directors now have the authority to cite certain types of violations as "instance-by-instance citations" for cases where the agency identifies "high-gravity" serious violations of OSHA standards specific to certain conditions where the language of the rule supports a citation for each instance of non-compliance. These conditions include lockout/tagout, machine guarding, permit-required confined space, respiratory protection, falls, trenching and for cases with other-than-serious violations specific to recordkeeping. In a second action, OSHA is reminding its Regional Administrators and Area Directors of their authority not to group violations, and instead cite them separately to more effectively encourage employers to comply with the intent of the OSH Act.

42.  OSHA. National - CPL 02-01-064 [CPL 02-01-062] - Site-Specific Targeting (SST).

43.  OSHA. Region 9 - CPL 04-00-17 - Handling of Fatality and Catastrophe Cases.

44.  OSHA. National - CPL 02-00-164 - Field Operation Manual, Chapter 17, Preemption by Other Agencies – UPDATED.

45.  OSHA. Region 4 - CPL 23/12 (CPL 04) - Regional Emphasis Program (REP) for Programmed Maritime Inspections.

46.  OSHA. National - CPL 02-01-064 [CPL 02-01-062] - Site-Specific Targeting (SST).

47.  OSHA. On April 7, 2023, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) submitted its latest injury and illness recordkeeping proposal to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). The proposed changes to the injury and illness recordkeeping rules hark back to the agency's more onerous 2016 regulation.

48.  OSHA. Revisiting Volks—Is OSHA Buying Itself More Time to Issue More Citations? OSHA continues to target recordkeeping as a key area of concern, with the agency focused on the need for improvements in employer reporting of injury and illness data and potential changes with regard to how it applies the OSH Act's six-month statute of limitations when issuing recordkeeping citations.

49.  OSHA. Biden taps Deputy Labor Secretary Julie Su to lead DOL.

50.  OSHA. Rulemaking to Broaden Scope of Who Is Permitted to Accompany Compliance Officers During Worksite Inspections. OSHA is preparing to engage in rulemaking that would revive the policy contained in the "Fairfax Memo" of 2013, which permitted union representatives to accompany OSHA compliance officers on inspections of nonunion workplaces.

51.  USCG. MSIB-08-232. Conclusion of COVID-19 Public Health and National Emergencies.

52.  USCG. The Coast Guard Office of Investigations and Analysis has released Change 1 to Marine Safety Alert 04-22, to addresses the importance of verifying the correct arrangement of handholds in embarkation gate arrangements aboard merchant vessels.

53.  USCG. On December 23, 2022, the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 (H.R. 7776) was signed into law, which includes section 11804(c) that delays implementation of Transportation Working Identification Credential (TWIC) Reader Requirements for covered facilities until at least May 8, 2026.

54.  USCG. The Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register that it is amending its Risk Group A facility regulations so that their provisions to implement Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) electronic inspection requirements by May 8, 2023, is changed to May 8, 2026.

55.  USCG. Cargo storage should not reduce visibility from the navigation bridge. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) released Marine Safety Information Bulletin MSIB No. 04-23 to emphasize the need of proper voyage planning, which includes selecting acceptable cargo stowage arrangements and ensuring that the vessel will comply with all obligatory rules and regulations.



56.  CA CARB. Ocean-Going Vessels At Berth Regulation Implementation Updates – March 30, 2023 Enforcement Notice.

57.  CA CARB. CARB approves stack exhaust capture and treatment system.

58.  CA CARB. California approves banning new diesel trucks at ports from 2024.

59.  CA CARB. Refrigerated trailers California's next emissions target.

60.  CA CARB. Rail Industry Sues to Block CARB's Emission Rules. Industry Says Zero-Emission Technology for Locomotives Isn't Tested, Won't Be Ready.

61.  Congress. US House bill aims to cap further growth in ship emissions.

62.  Methanol Institute Publishes Guide to Methanol as a Marine Fuel.

63.  First fully electric straddle carrier starts operations at Port of Antwerp. Konecranes, a global manufacturer of cranes and lifting equipment, built this e-straddle carrier by applying the latest battery technology to allow continuous operation for more than four hours, without any dip in performance.

64.  Port of Long Beach embraces CARB rules for locomotives and trucks.

65.  ONE orders two containerized units for wind-assist propulsion.

66.  Inaugural shore power plug-in at Terminal 5 marks key environmental milestone for The Northwest Seaport Alliance.

67.  COSCO orders methanol-fueled engines.

68.  ONE equips bow wind shield on another 21,700 TEU vessel.

69.  Ports of LA, Long Beach Join Bid to Be Hydrogen Fuel Hub.

70.  Matson to Convert Third Containership to LNG Fuel. Matson (NYSE: MATX) has confirmed that it will convert the main engine on its container ship, the Kaimana Hila, to a dual-fuel ME-GI unit.

71.  Port of Oakland passes zero-emission law.

72.  PowerCell to Deliver World's Largest Marine Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

73.  MARAD. MARAD Announces Over $660 Million for Port Infrastructure Projects.

74.  Taylor Machine Works launches 36,000 lb capacity battery electric forklift.

75.  Buttigieg Promotes 'Green Corridors' for Ocean Shipping.

76.  Kalmar introduces Electric Straddle Carrier Charge Family.

77.  Maersk announces industry-first container vessel conversion to methanol dual-fuel engine.

Safety & Health

78.  OSHA and Future of Drug Testing. OSHA allows an employer to drug test an employee who reports a work-related injury or illness if it has an "objectively reasonable basis for testing."

79.  Supreme Court Ruling Questions Constitutionality of FTC's and SEC's Administrative Adjudications Processes—Is OSHA Next?

80.  EEOC Revises its COVID-19 Guidance, Again.

81.  NTSB. NTSB Investigation: Fire aboard scrap metal barge.

82.  NTSB. Lithium-ion batteries and other possible ignition sources could pose a fire safety issue in the transportation of scrap materials as cargo.

83.  OSHA's Evolving Use of the General Duty Clause to Cite Employers for Medical Mismanagement of Employee Injuries.

84.  OSHA rules challenged in court. A federal court hearing could determine whether hundreds of OSHA workplace safety requirements are illegal. The question is whether when Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, it delegated too much authority to OSHA to decide which safety dangers needed to be regulated and the required protection.

85.  Biden administration seeks to 'modernize' regulatory reviews.

86.  A marine cargo contractor has been cited by OSHA following the death of a worker crushed by two tons of cargo in Panama City, Florida, in 2022. Inspectors determined the company's crane operator had an obstructed view of a signalman guiding the movement of a load of paper weighing thousands of pounds on the M/V Weserborg. When the ship pitched during the crane work, the worker, who had been in the ship's cargo hold, was fatally crushed up against a wall by the load.

87.  One person still missing after fatal crane collapse in Israel. A crane collapsed and damaged a section of the jetty after high winds and hailstorm hit the Ashkelon coal terminal.

88.  High Times: Marijuana Positivity in Workplace Drug Tests Reaches 25-Year Record.

89.  Cargo fires: An issue that needs to be tackled.

90.  Lessons learned: Fatal electrocution accident while cleaning cargo hold.

91.  Lessons learned: Finger crushed while moving mobile gantry crane.

92.  Real Life Incident: Stern Line Failure While Departing Causes Fatality.

93.  Robotic Systems Compel OSHA to Consider Revising Its Lockout/Tagout Standard.

94.  ICHCA. Safety Alert: HSE safety notice – LPG forklift truck fire risk.

95.  ICHCA. Safety Alert: fumigant poisoning fatality on board a bulk carrier.

96.  ICHCA. Innovation in Safety Awards Video – the WINNER! – APMT Vessel Inspection Tool.

97.  DP World uses remote-controlled cranes for first time. It follows from DP World's 2022 announcement that it reduced risk of injury by 40% across its European portfolio by investing over US$85 million in safety practices and equipment upgrades. The eight remote-controlled electric quay cranes and eight remote-controlled electrified gantry cranes were installed as part of a groundbreaking pilot project to improve port safety. The quay cranes are outfitted with collision sensors, which prevent cranes from colliding with one another and give an extra degree of protection for port staff. The use of remote-controlled cranes has also decreased the number of pedestrians in the terminal area, which has reduced congestion.

98.  TT Club raises awareness for dangers of newer battery technologies. Fire, explosions, and toxic gas emissions are among the dangers posed by battery technology.

In the News

99.       According to legend, yard dawgs first started to appear in the 1950s in the post-WWII trade boom. But a decade earlier a company named Ottawa Steel Products formed in Kansas to create small shunt trucks for the construction industry. A fire in 1950 and a devastating flood a year later that destroyed its factory resulted in a massive change in direction for the company.  That's when a new concept was developed: a tractor that could pull heavy loads. In 1958, the first terminal tractor prototype hit the market. For the record, it was called a "yard hustler." You can watch a great documentary on it here.

100.   ILWU Canada threatens strike at Vancouver, Prince Rupert.

101.   Wilmington, Virginia top US port performers for 2022: index.

102.   San Pedro Woman Sentenced to Prison for Orchestrating Scheme that Defrauded Union's Health Plan by Providing Sexual Services.

103.   Bankrupt company seeks multi-million compensation from container shipping lines. Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) is suing Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) for $31.7 million dollars, claiming the carriers willfully abandoned service in order to earn massive profits.

104.   Shipping line fires back at bankrupt Bed Bath & Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond, now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, insists it was a victim of shipping line greed amid the supply chain crisis.

105.   Oakland's Howard Terminal eyes redevelopment after ballpark proposal strikes out.

106.   OSHA Violation Leads to Prison Sentence.

107.   Shipping companies post falling profit.

108.   Port of Long Beach eyes $4.7 billion 'floating' pier to build offshore wind turbines.

109.   Ports call out 'sensationalized' targeting of foreign container cranes.

110.   ILWU, port community, gather to celebrate $110 million funding for future SoCal training center.

111.   California's Port Dominance Slipping as Cargo Shifts East.

112.   Matson expects `improved trade dynamics' after earnings drop almost ten-fold.

113.   Container shipping heading for $10 billion loss in 2024: Drewry.

114.   ILWU and port operators reach 'tentative agreement' on some 'key issues'.

115.   Supreme Court ends Waterfront Commission's reign of union-busting in New Jersey port.

116.   Ports on West and East Coasts Show Sharp Decline in March.

117.   Port of Long Beach reports 30% plunge in Q1 container volumes.

118.   The 15 Biggest Container Ships in Service Right Now.

119.   Supreme Court rules in NJ's favor over exit from port watchdog agency.

120.   New US container line Oceanus launches first service. A new US container carrier Oceanus Line has launched its first service linking Florida and Texas with Mexico and Colombia.

121.   California Considers Union-Backed Bill Requiring Driverless Trucks To Have a Driver in Them. California legislators and their union allies are pushing a bill that would preemptively ban the use of autonomous trucks on California's roads that don't have a human safety operator. Working its way through the Legislature is A.B. 316, which would require that vehicles weighing 10,001 pounds or more have a human in the cab.

122.   Port of New York and New Jersey Regains Status as Busiest Container Port in US.

123.   Container cranes lag container ships by a generation.

124.   Ports America highlights MTOs importance, while arguing against OSRA regulations.

125.   Ports America strikes deal to develop Gulfport container terminal. Mississippi Gulfport.

126.   Charleston gets expedited hearing in appeal over ILA's Leatherman lawsuit.

127.   ILWU Canada talks begin with focus on wages, automation.

128.   ILWU, ITF, help to secure wages, safety of Burmese seafarers in Port of Tacoma, WA.

129.   New study shows CA Ports drive $416 billion in trade value, $38.1 billion in tax revenue, 3.1 million jobs nationally.

130.   Husky Terminal joins ICHCA.

131.   Labor Chief Su Visits West Coast Port Talks.

132.   ILWU Canada vote heavily in favour of strike action at West Coast ports.

133.   Biden Administration Initiates Ocean Justice Strategy. The Ocean Justice Strategy aims to identify barriers and opportunities to incorporate environmental justice principles into the federal government's ocean-related activities. It will encompass all recent Biden administration Executive Orders and policies relating to environmental justice, including the Ocean Climate Action Plan. The Strategy will serve as a guide to the federal government's objectives for guiding "ocean justice" activities. It will propose "equitable and just practices to advance safety, health, and prosperity for communities residing near the ocean, the coasts, and the Great Lakes."

134.   PMA, ILWU Reach Tentative Six-Year Deal.

135.   Hawaii ILWU Boss Charles Kimo Brown Thrown in Prison.


Join us this year for NMSA 2023 with the theme:

Looking Forward: Evolution of Environmental Health & Safety in Marine Cargo Handling

  • Day 1
    8:00 AM - 9:00 AMTechnical Committee Breakfast
    9:00 AM - 9:10 AMTechnical Committee Meeting: Welcome Remarks with Erick Saia
    9:10 AM - 10:10 AMTechnical Committee Meeting: Safety One and Safety Two with John Beckett
    10:10 AM - 10:30 AMTechnical Committee Meeting: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance with Dr. Sharifa Batts
    10:30 AM - 10:45 AMTechnical Committee Meeting: Morning Break
    10:45 AM - 11:15 AMTechnical Committee Session: Operational Risk Management and Mitigating Serious Injuries and Fatalities with Don Martin
    11:15 AM - 11:30 AMTechnical Committee Meeting: Frontline Management Engagement & Personal Accountability for Safety with Jeff Brown
    11:30 AM - 11:45 AMTechnical Committee Meeting: MoorGuard Mooring Line Fuses with Tom Fields
    11:45 AM - 12:00 PMTechnical Committee Meeting: Industry Incidents (open discussion)
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PMTechnical Committee Meeting: Lunch
    1:00 PM - 1:20 PMTechnical Committee Meeting: Leadership & Communication with Mylena Sutton
    1:20 PM - 1:45 PMTechnical Committee Meeting: MACOSH Update with Dave Turner
    1:45 PM - 2:30 PMTechnical Committee Meeting: Closed Business Meeting
    2:45 PM - 4:45 PMNMSA Board of Directors Meeting
    5:00 PM - 6:00 PMOpening Welcome Reception with Exhibitors
  • Day 2
    7:30 AM - 8:30 AMBreakfast with Exhibitors, sponsored by USMX
    8:30 AM - 9:00 AMReport from the IMO and ICHCA with Richard Steele, CEO, International Cargo Handling Coordination Association
    This presentation will consider the findings from research into over 1300 fatalities in the maritime and cargo handling industry over the past 22 years. It will look at where most of these worst case personal consequence incidents have taken place, what operations were happening at the time, what types of cargo were being carried and the presenting causes. The aim is to enable delegates to consider their own risks and assist them to test and continuously improve the controls that they have in place to minimise the likelihood of experiencing a high consequence incident in their organisation.

    Richard Steele

    Chief Executive Officer at ICHCA International

    9:00 AM - 10:00 AMAddressing Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues with Joe Carey, BSW, ILA Pier Consultant and Ken Serviss, Executive Director, Allied Trades Assistance Program

    Joe Carey, BSW

    ILA Pier Counselor at Allied Trades Assistance Program

    Ken Serviss, CEAP, QSAP

    Executive Director of Allied Trades Assistance Program

    10:00 AM - 10:20 AMExhibitor Presentations
    10:20 AM - 10:45 AMMorning Break with Exhibitors, sponsored by Shipping Association of New York and New Jersey
    10:45 AM - 12:00 PMStrategies to Achieve Maritime Decarbonization Panel with Elisabeth Charmley, Co-Chair, Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate; Bonnie Nixon, Director of Sustainability, Long Beach Container Terminal and Adam Zellner, President, Greener by Design

    Elisabeth Charmley

    Executive Director of Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate

    Bonnie Nixon, M.Ed, PhD Candidate

    Long Beach Container Terminal

    Adam Zellner

    Greener by Design

    12:00 PM - 12:20 PMExhibitor Presentations
    12:20 PM - 1:20 PMLunch with Exhibitors
    1:30 PM - 3:00 PMBenefits and Safety Challenges of Using and Storing Alternative Energy Sources Panel with Paul Blomerus, Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping and Matt Dickinson, Fenix Marine Services
    NMSA's Executive Director, Robert Murray, will also provide an update on federal grants, regulations, and legislation related to acquisition of zero and near zero emission equipment.

    Paul Blomerus, PhD

    Executive Director of Clear Seas

    Matt Dickinson

    Sustainability Director of Fenix Marine Services

    3:00 PM - 3:15 PMExhibitor Presentations
    3:15 PM - 3:45 PMAfternoon Break with Exhibitors, sponsored by Core Process Technologies
    3:45 PM - 4:30 PMPresentations from OSHA and Transport Canada

    Jessica Stone

    Director - Office of Regulatory Analysis - Safety at DOL OSHA

    5:30 PM - 6:30 PMWednesday Evening Reception, sponsored by Avetta
    6:30 PM - 8:00 PMAwards Dinner **Tickets Must be Purchased for this Event by June 26th**

    Angus Reid

    Welcome Remarks
    8:00 AM - 8:30 AMWelcome Remarks from Dave Morgan, President and Robert Murray, Executive Director
  • Day 3
    7:30 AM - 8:30 AMBreakfast with Exhibitors
    8:30 AM - 9:15 AMSafety Challenges for Maritime Maintenance with Mike Outland, GM Labor Relations at Pacific Crane Maintenance Company

    Mike Outland

    General Manager of Labor Relations and EHS (Safety) Departments at Pacific Crane Maintenance Company, The Pacific Companies

    9:15 AM - 10:00 AMHuman and Organizational Performance on the Waterfront with Jeff Lyth, QSP Leadership
    Despite industry being statistically safer than ever before, serious accidents still occur too frequently and the current safety paradigm is increasingly at a loss to identify, understand, and remedy the causal factors.

    In addition to this, injury rate reductions have largely plateaued and this causes much concern for all levels of the organizational hierarchy.

    In this presentation, Jeff will describe some of the reasons behind these challenges and propose that our current ways of thinking about health and safety might be a part of the problem.

    He will then explain the history of the so-called 'new views' of health and safety, focussing on the practical application of more contemporary safety science.

    Finally, Jeff will provide examples from some of the work he has been involved with on the local British Columbian waterfront, as well as with other large industrial organizations around the world.

    Jeff Lyth

    QSP Leadership

    10:00 AM - 10:20 AMExhibitor Presentations
    10:20 AM - 10:45 AMMorning Break with Exhibitors, sponsored by Goergia Stevedore Association
    10:45 AM - 11:45 AMTraining to Accommodate Different Learning Modalities--Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic with Roselynn Verwoord, PhD., Strategic Curriculum Services, Centre for Teaching Learning and Technology, University of BC
    How do educators design meaningful learning environments where information is presented in multiple ways; where learners engage in learning in a variety of ways; and where learners are provided options to demonstrate their learning? Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that guides the design of learning environments that are accessible and challenging for all learners, ensuring purposeful, proactive attention to learning design, goals, assessments, methods, and materials. In this session, learners will be exposed to the concept of UDL and will explore how it can be applied to design and implement learning that is accessible for all.

    Roselynn Verwoord, PhD

    Educational Consultant at Roselynn Verwoord Educational Consulting Services Ltd; The University of British Columbia

    11:45 AM - 12:00 PMClosing Remarks
    12:00 PM - 3:00 PMSOLD OUT!! Tour of BCMEA Waterfront Training Centre
    Please email Meg Taft at to add your name to the waitlist.

Hotel & Travel

We are thrilled to be partnering with The Westin Bayshore for the NMSA 2023 Annual Meeting. This hotel is situated on Coal Harbor in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  Sleeping rooms are $315 (CAD) or $230 (USD) as of March 8, 2023.  

Please make your hotel reservations by clicking hereHotel reservations must be made by Monday, May 29th in order to receive the discounted room rate.

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Registration opens on Tuesday, June 27th at 7:30am in the Stanley Park Ballroom Foyer

Advanced registration is now closed for the Annual Meeting and the Wednesday Awards Dinner.  You are welcome to register for the Annual Meeting and/or Awards Dinner onsite.