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About Tanzania

Tanzania has a population of over 59 million people according to 2020 estimates and GDP of US$ 62.4 billion. FDI flows to Tanzania increased from US$ 991 million in 2019 to US$ 1.013 billion in 2020. FDI in Tanzania is driven by the "mining sector, the oil and gas industry, and the primary agricultural products sector" (Tanzania Invest, 2021). 

About Uganda

Uganda has a population of over 44 million people and a GDP of US$ 38 billion. The Uganda Government has an open, liberal financial system that welcomes foreign direct investment (FDI) and offers tax incentives to FDI (minimum of US$ 250,000). FDI in Uganda has surged by 80% to US$ 1.75 billion in FY 2018/2019, driven by the construction and manufacturing sub-sectors. In part, this has made Uganda the second largest FDI recipient in the EAC region and the fastest-growing economy in the region. Uganda's stock of outstanding private sector credit grew by 5 per cent from US$ 4.74 billion at the end of June 2020 to US$ 4.98 billion at the end of December 2020.