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Suzy Greenwood

Understanding the language of finance and business performance is crucial for business leaders.

In this class, Suzy will start with the basic structure of business and how they can affect an organization's tax structure. Next, business expenses will be covered and near the end, taking a look at example financial statements will be discussed.

  • Suzy Greenwood (Business Manager at Arizona Tax Advisors)

    Suzy Greenwood

    Business Manager at Arizona Tax Advisors
Human Resources
Linda Michaels

HR can be especially challenging for smaller employers with limited resources. This class aims to discuss some of the most critical areas you need to be aware of to avoid HR-related fines, lawsuits, or penalties.

  • Linda Michaels (HR Consultant at AZ HR Hub)

    Linda Michaels

    HR Consultant at AZ HR Hub
Management & Leadership
Jennifer Burwell

From certified Behavior Analyst Jennifer Burwell, this course will prepare you to lead your organization at the highest level with strategic thinking and performance driving tools.

  • Jennifer Burwell (COO & Director of Programs at MAC6)

    Jennifer Burwell

    COO & Director of Programs at MAC6
Sales Growth
Tracy Bullock

Designed to help you maximize sales growth, in this class, you will learn how to find hidden opportunities for growth, how to prioritize clients more efficiently, and how to personalize your pitch to your prospect.

  • Tracy Bullock (President & Owner at Bullock Training & Development)

    Tracy Bullock

    President & Owner at Bullock Training & Development
Mike Jones

Taught by Mikes Jones, the objective of this class is to help participants craft their own customized Brand Pitch for their company brand and look at ways to apply this in daily marketing practices.

  • Mike Jones (CEO & Brand Strategist of Resound)

    Mike Jones

    CEO & Brand Strategist of Resound
Futureproof Your Organization
Jen CoyneBrian Stinson

Is your organization ready for the future of work? Digital natives, the gig economy, super-intelligent AI, universal basic income, remote work and virtual everything. Without planning and responding to these radical changes, your organization will be left behind. Through role-play scenarios, storytelling, and learning sessions, attendees will develop a new perspective about the future of work and create an initial action plan for successful outcomes 10 years in the future.

  • Jen Coyne (CEO of The PEAK FLeet)

    Jen Coyne

    CEO of The PEAK FLeet
  • Brian Stinson (Employee Engagement Expert, Keynote Speaker at The PEAK Fleet)

    Brian Stinson

    Employee Engagement Expert, Keynote Speaker at The PEAK Fleet