We are a non-for-profit organization working for the growth and economic development of Africa, through enhanced public-private partnership and improved collaboration across key industries and institutions to develop and promote models for the growth, development and competitiveness of Africa. We seek to promote economic transformation, growth and prosperity in Africa and to provide policy support to drive business investment, economic growth and development in the continent.

1.) Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Provide access to a dedicated online networking platforms where partners can connect with other industry leaders, potential collaborators, and policymakers.

2.)Priority Access to Forum Events: Offer priority invitations and a 30% discount on registration fees for all Forum events, including Annual Meetings and Regional Meetings.

3.) Customized Research and Insights: Deliver quarterly tailored research reports and insights on industry-specific trends and opportunities in Africa.

4.) Thought-Leadership Opportunities: Allow strategic partners to participate in at least two high-profile panel discussions or contribute thought leadership articles in the Forum's publications annually.

5.) Discounted Forum Membership: Offer major discounts on the Forum's annual membership fee for partners.

6.) Associate Membership: Opportunity to become associate members of different Industry Groups of AEF and up to five (5) Trade Councils of ACGER.

7.) Membership of AEF CEO Council: Opportunity to nominate persons into the council.

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    1. Instant briefings on 300+ topics summarised by AI
    2. Tailored recommendations for your business
    3. Connect the dots with collaborative collections
    4. Contribute to expert-led communities
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    1. Customized intelligence
    2. Intelligence briefings
    3. Virtual Forum events