About Us

The Afrodigital Marketing Network (AMN) is a community of marketers for personal development through skills development. The AMN is designed to give value to its members despite their years of marketing experience. Through solid networking, tactical coaching and skills development, the AMN doesn’t have a match in value for the marketer.

Member benefits

01. Marketing Operating System. A library of digital marketing operating procedures.

02. Network at any time. The AMN is based on a web and mobile platform which members will have access to anytime anywhere. This makes them connect and network with any members of the network at their own time and pace.

03. Stay Engaged from anywhere. The AMN is a high-value network. The high value is from the members and the resources available. The digital platform allows members to engage with members. Members can share valuable content or get assistance from others from anywhere.

04. AMN City Meetups. There will be monthly events in your city. AMN will be launched in your city once there are more than 10 members in that city. Our goal is to cover the whole of Africa in the next five years. Enjoy networking with great minds in your city through AMN.

05. Strong Community. The network is made up of marketers and business leaders who are in it for the value it brings. These are real human beings that you will have access to. It will be easier to get anything marketing related done. From services to job placements.

06. Private Conversations. Members can directly connect and inbox each other. This is a great opportunity considering that the network is international.

07. Mentorship Program. We have a skill-based mentorship program where members can be mentored based on the skills they wish to have. For example, members can enrol on the Ads Copy Writing mentorship program.

08. Personal Branding and career development. The network presents huge openings for businesses and individuals to showcase themselves and get out of the woods.