About Us

Broadreach Global is a specialized biotech and health sector advisory firm supporting innovation stakeholders worldwide.

We believe in the power of innovation. Our purpose is to enable and accelerate innovation that leaves the world a better place.

Our focus is breakthrough technologies to benefit human health. Identifying world-class innovation and connecting researchers, entrepreneurs and CEOs with the expertise, investors and strategic partners needed to complete the value chain and translate science and engineering into meaningful impact and successful growth companies.

The potential of most innovation is never realized. We understand the risk, effort, and perseverance necessary for transformational innovation.  

Confluence Innovation - Bio Health is a Global Bio Health Innovation Platform.

A curated, by invitation, global community of key innovation stakeholders, key innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders and decision-makers​ Designed to transform partnering & accelerate global innovation. An integrated approach engaging the full value chain, with a prioritization of quality and impact over numbers.

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