• Kilimani Community
    12 months
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    By signing up to be a member, you have taken the first step towards being an agent of change. You now influence and participate in shaping the neighbourhood and society that you want.

    You are joining your neighbours in creating a neighbourhood of choice to live, work and play. 

    Kilimani is an upper-middle-class neighbourhood. Those who live here are aspirational and work hard every day. They pay a premium to live, work and play here. They, therefore, expect a quality of life that matches their investment.

    As a member of the foundation, here is some of the work you will be proud of getting involved in:

    1. Protecting the value of your investment in property or family or both
    2. Reversing the effects of climate change
    3. Creating a community of shared values to raise a family
    4. Participating in the unlimited opportunity
    5. Safeguarding the security of those who we love