Join us to become part of a community of choice and agency. We act for a Kilimani that actualises our highest aspirations as citizens.

As a member of the community, here is how you will benefit through participation:

  1. Protecting the value of your investment in property or family or both
  2. Participating in unlimited business & networking opportunities within a trusted, high-value market
  3. Safeguarding the security of those who you love and of your property
  4. Reversing the effects of climate change through tree growing and recycling
  5. Creating a social community of shared values to raise a family
  • Kilimani Corporate
    12 months
    Package price

    As a responsible corporate citizen, you have shown commitment to community values. The Kilimani Community is made of conscious and discerning consumers who care about the brands they buy from.

    As an upper-middle-class market with high spending power, our community is a valuable partner for business and for society.

    This partnership helps us to, together, make things better by making better things.

  • Kilimani SME
    12 months
    # of card holders
    Package price

    As an SME member, you collaborate with the Foundation to curate goods, services and experiences that benefit a captive market, earning you repeat customers. You will also access a network of professionals offering discounted services such as financial, legal, marketing, strategy and accounting to ensure you thrive.

    Take advantage of a trusted network of high-value buyers who are invested in your growth.