Kenya Property Developers Association is an emerging business member organization unmatched in its mandate and vision of promoting the involvement of the private sector in development through advocacy, education, research and ethical standards.

KPDA wants you to receive the most value from your membership. We are committed to ensure that the property development industry in Kenya grows rapidly through proactive partnerships with policy-makers, financiers and sector players. We have been dedicated to delivering up-to-date information impacting the real estate sector and sharing key knowledge needed to assist you in making your investment decisions.

Joining the Association will draw us closer to achieving our strategic objectives of:

-Working with the Government and other stakeholders to promote policies that stimulate the property sector.

-Contributing to excellence in building through promotion of world-class ethical standards and educational programs.

-Compiling focused research and analysis to inform investment decisions, policy analysis and public education.

-Providing a forum where property investors can share expertise and build business contacts.

    12 months
    Package price
    • Access to advocacy strength in numbers by serving on KPDA committees committed to working in the interests of the industry as a whole
    • Exposure to the local and international client base through listing in the KPDA website
    • Free access to information on the latest issues affecting the industry, via regular publications, newsletters, media reports and research;
    • Participate in networking events and professional development courses at discounted rates
    • Leverage on KPDA collaboration with other BMOs such as Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK), Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS), Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB), Association of Construction Project Managers of Kenya (ACMK), National Construction Authority (NCA) on information and discounted rates to their events