• Establish a trusted industry partnership that will contribute to policy frameworks, best practices and advocacy for the growth of the industry by engaging with government authorities.


  • Our training programmes are internationally accredited by the Events Industry Council (EIC) and Human Resources Development Funds (HRDF) claimable.
  • We organise bespoke business trade missions, B2B Programmes and site inspections for our members to establish a regional industry network and generate learning opportunities.


  • Our year-long networking sessions, workshops, forums and gatherings will give you an abundance of ideas to grow your business, and members are entitled to exclusive rates!
  • We are your platform to network, build and share best practices with industry peers.


  • We are progressively collating a comprehensive database of members for potential recommendations.
  • Leverage our wide global network to expand your business potential locally and internationally.
  • Access to exclusive resources material and industry statistics that will help you to develop business opportunities as well as gravitational shifts that are evolving the industry.
  • In our BE Malaysia magazine, our members can enjoy a special advertising rate and complimentary event listing.


  • We are an active member of The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Association (AFECA) who are the go-to parties for up-to-date industry insights.
  • We enable you to capitalize on our affiliates who are accredited industry authorities.
  • Our members enjoy preferential rates for events organised by our affiliated association counterparts.
  • Ordinary
    12 months
    # of card holders
    Package price
    RM 1,200

    Ordinary Membership is Opened to:

    1. An organiser shall be a professional convention or exhibition organiser, registered in Malaysia, who is involved in the conceptual stage to the final implementation of an event on a commercial basis;
    2. A supplier shall be a company registered in Malaysia that provides all other supporting products and/or services to an organizer or an event; and
    3. Any organisation that is registered in Malaysia that provides products/services to the Meetings, Incentives, Convention and Exhibition and Business Events industry, hereinafter referred to as "MICE".

    Ordinary Membership Criteria:

    1. The applicant must be a company or enterprise, association or society registered with the Registrar of Companies or Registrar of Societies in Malaysia.
    2. The applicant shall not be a company or any of its directors, and shall never have been declared bankrupt, insolvent or instituted voluntary liquidation.
    3. They shall comply with the following criteria:
    • Have been in the industry for at least continuously one year;
    • Have previously organised or collaborated in the organization of at least three(3) MICE events
    • Have or is organising or collaborating on more than one MICE event scheduled for the next 12 months
    • The Management team shall have credible track records in the MICE industry.

    The Executive Committee of MACEOS may waive any of the above requirements at their discretion.

    Entrance Fee: An application for membership shall be accompanied by an Entrance Fee of RM1,200

    Annual Subscription: RM1,200/year

  • Associate
    12 months
    # of card holders
    Package price
    RM 800
    1. It is opened to all companies, enterprises and associations involved in the BE industry who do not meet the criteria for Ordinary Membership at the point of application. These members can be recognised as Ordinary Members once they qualify the criteria of Ordinary Members as stipulated in the Ordinary membership criteria.
    2. It is opened to all Associations which are affiliated with the BE industry. Membership is by invitation only and on a contra basis in annual subscription with said applicant Association.
    3. It is opened to any companies, enterprises or associations who are non-BE related.
    4. It is opened to all foreign companies, enterprise and Associations lawfully established or incorporated under the laws of a country other than Malaysia.
    5. All Associate Members shall enjoy the same privileges accorded to Ordinary Members except that:
    • They may not vote or stand for election at any position at any General Meeting;
    • They may not be entitled to such privileges of the Association as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.